A Dance for Welcoming a West Papuan Leader, the Papuan Tumyor Dance

goodmorningpapua.com – The Tumyor dance from Fakfak Regency was presented during the arrival of the Acting (Pj) Governor of West Papua, Drs Paulus Waterpauw, M.Si to Manokwari, West Papua, on Thursday, May 19th  2022.

The Tumyor dance was performed by the Tomandin Sukuk Studio Group Mbaham Matta Fakfakroomsbmi. This dance tells about welcoming a leader who returns to his country to lead his family.

Paulus Waterpauw is the birth of a son from Fakfak who has become a leader in various regions outside West Papua and it is time to return to being a leader in his own country.

Fredy Warpopor, leader of the Dance Group Tomandin Tribe Mbaham Matta Fakfak explained the dance with the song Swodebe with the meaning that you are back.

“This dance tells about a leader who returns to his village and country and will lead his family in his own country,” said Fredy, met at the Manokwari Rendani Airport.

A Chief of the Romudus Krismun Tribe, Chairman of the Fakfak Family Association, Mbaham Matta, led the traditional welcome which began with draping noken, and clothed Mrs. Roma, then escorted over a glass filled with white water which was placed on a white cloth.

The meaning of stepping over this white water, as a sign that this leader who came to bring coolness and peace of mind to build society in West Papua.

Furthermore, the Arfak and Kaimana tribal chiefs handed over Paulus Waterpauw to the Arfak tribal chief as the owner of the customary area in Manokwari Raya.

A Head of the Arfak Dominggus Mandacan happily welcomed the Acting Governor with his wife and was accepted as a traditional child. “Thank you, as the chief of the Arfak tribe, the descendants of Lodewyik Mandacan, we are enthusiastic and full of joy in being grateful for everything that exists, and we are ready to accept him as a traditional child of Arfak,” said Dominggus Mandacan.

The reception was attended by all members of the West Papua Forkopimda as well as thousands of residents who came enthusiastically. Residents grouped while dancing and unfurling welcome banners.

The lively welcome for the acting governor was not only centered at Rendani Airport, but the community also lined up along the road that the local governor took.

The community was seen carrying a number of banners and posters containing “We Need a Change” with the image of Paulus Waterpauw.

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