A Community Leader:  President Jokowi, Please Appoint a Caretaker for a Governor of West Papua!

goodmorningpapua.com – West Papuan community leader Yusuf Warinussy asked President Joko Widodo through the Ministry of Home Affairs to appoint a a caretaker for the Governor of West Papua whose term of office will end in May 2022.

He explained that there are rules that regulate the term of office of regional heads. So what is echoed by a group of people for an extension of the term of office of the regional head is unreasonable.

“Whoever he is, whether it’s ASN, TNI/Polri, a native Papuan son who is qualified, has dedication and good thoughts for West Papua, please, Mr. President, choose him, appoint the person,” he explained, Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

Yusuf makes sure that the rules regarding the appointment of a caretaker are in accordance with the prevailing law. “We also reject the request of a group of people who asked for an extension of the position of the Governor of West Papua, because this violates the rules,” he explained.

Previously, the Director General of Regional Autonomy at the Ministry of Home Affairs (Dirjen Otda Kemendagri), Akmal Malik, stated that the extension of the term of office of regional heads ending in the near future could potentially violate the rules. Due to the existing regulations, the term of office of regional heads is only limited to five years.

Akmal emphasized that in the life of the state, including the administration of government, it is obligatory to obey the applicable laws and regulations. This must be the basis for all parties, both in acting and in formulating policies.

“In doing the life of the state and administering the government, all elements of the nation must comply with the provisions of the legislation as mandated by the constitution contained in Article 1 paragraph (3) of the 1945 Constitution, namely that the State of Indonesia is a state of law,” Akmal added.

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