A Cenderawasih Gulf Sail [STC] Raises Papua’s Marine Tourism Potential

goodmorningpapua.com – The implementation of the 2023 Cenderawasih Gulf Sail (STC) is an attempt by the Biak Numfor Regency government to raise the potential for marine tourism and indigenous Papuan culture in order to attract foreign tourist visits.

The Biak Numfor region is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, which is rich in fishery, tourism and cultural potential, and is included in the Pacific islands region. The implementation of the Cenderawasih Gulf Sail in the context of accelerating the development and development of the potential of Indonesian marine and tourism resources.

The target of this Sail activity is in accordance with the government’s nine priority agendas which are summarized in the term “Nawacita President Joko Widodo”, especially in point three of developing Indonesia from the periphery by strengthening regions and villages within the framework of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia. As well as the 7th point of Nawacita to realize economic independence by moving strategic sectors of the domestic economy. The Cenderawasih Gulf National Park area is getting rich with the world’s largest population of ornamental fish, coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove forests.

Various unique and amazing coastal landscapes or coastal landscapes will become a huge attraction for tourists. Biak Island was chosen as the place for the Cenderawasih Gulf Sail to not only have marine and tourism potential, but this area has traces of World War II history and potential marine wealth. Almost all of the maritime and tourism potentials are evenly distributed and share a number of regencies in the two provincial governments of Papua and West Papua. The regencies of Biak Numfor, Supiori, Yapen Islands, Waropen, Nabire, in Papua Province and Teluk Wodama Regency and Manokwari Regency in West Papua Province also hold various tourism potentials.

A number of regencies in Papua and West Papua which are the targets of STC 2023 already have tourist attractions as historical sites, remnants of World War II. The Cenderawasih Gulf Sail 2023 is expected to have more diverse activities, including social and health services, sailing ship rallies, tourist attraction visits, cultural and nautical seminars, nautical sports, and expeditions for research. A Director of Destination Development II Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wawan Gunawan, said that the purpose of Cederawasih Gulf Sail was to improve the welfare of the people in the district.

STC 2023 in Biak, according to Wawan, will accelerate the development of tourism and fisheries infrastructure.

The Cenderawasih Gulf Sail, according to Wawan, is expected to reaffirm Indonesia’s image as a maritime country and help economic progress in Papua and the Pacific island region. The 2023 Cenderawasih Gulf Sail is held by formulating shipping activities in the sea area and other marine-based economic activities. To optimize the economic development of the marine sector by making marine tourism the leading sector. Indonesia’s marine economy is believed to have very promising prospects for the revival of the Indonesian economy in the future. Considering that the potential of the region is so large, it is given by God Almighty in the form of potential wealth that comes from the marine economy owned by the land of Papua.

The acceleration of infrastructure development in Biak Numfor Regency will have a real impact on tourism development in the region by increasing the facilities and infrastructure of tourist destinations. The success of implementing the Cenderawasih Gulf Sail 2023 is highly dependent on the comfort and security situation in Papua. A Head of the Papua Culture and Tourism Office, Yimin Weya, admitted that security was one of the main factors for the sustainability of the Cenderawasih Gulf Sail 2023.

He admitted that the Papuan provincial government fully supports the implementation of the 2023  Cenderawasih Gulf Sail because it is the pride of the region to be able to hold international-scale tourism activities. Kadisbudpar Yimin invites all areas that will be the target of STC 2023 activities to continue to improve themselves to prepare superior tourist destinations that are the focus of tourism and fisheries activities in the Saereri Gulf traditional area. Another thing that needs to be done to support STC, according to Yimin, is the district government and the regent to synergize and communicate with each other to discuss various preparations for the Cenderawash Gulf Sail.

A Chairman of the Indonesian Tour Guides Association (HPI), Boy Ronsumbre, admitted that the STC 2023 event has the potential to increase domestic and foreign tourist visits to Biak Numfor Regency. He admitted that the various tourism and fishery potentials of the Cenderawasih Gulf area were an attraction for tourist visits through international-scale tourism events. The success of STC 2023 is also expected to be able to increase family economic income for local indigenous Papuans who play a major role in becoming the object of success for Papuan tourism on an international scale.

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