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99 percent of Teachers in Jayapura City have been Vaccinated against Covid-19

goodmorningpapua.com – A head of the Jayapura City Education and Culture Office, Fachruddin Pasolo, said that 99 percent of teachers in the Papuan provincial capital, both elementary and junior high schools, had been vaccinated against Covid-19. “The rest are not vaccinated because they have comorbidities or congenital diseases. Those [who are not vaccinated] are still allowed to carry out the teaching and learning process but online,” said Pasolo at the Jayapura Mayor’s Office, Wednesday (11/10/2021).

According to Pasolo, teacher vaccination is very important for the smooth and successful implementation of face-to-face learning processes in schools during the pandemic so that they do not become a new cluster of corona transmission. “Teachers who are not vaccinated are not allowed to come to school to carry out face-to-face learning processes for the good of all school members and also the teachers themselves,” said Pasolo.

Pasolo asked teachers, school principals, parents, and students who are conducting face-to-face learning or BTM to continue to comply with health protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as wearing masks, keeping distance, and keenly washing hands with soap for the smooth teaching and learning process. “Parents and teachers must work together so that students’ children are not exposed to Covid-19. Coordinate with the Education Office so that it runs safely and smoothly,” said Pasolo.

A Deputy Mayor of Jayapura, Rustan Saru, said face-to-face learning or BTM can already be done because most of the teachers have been vaccinated. In addition, supporting facilities and infrastructure, such as hand washing facilities, body temperature measurement are complete. “Every child is brought immediately to their respective parents. Teachers also apply strict protocols, even schools have formed their own task force to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in schools,” said Rustan.

Rustan asked residents in the capital of Papua Province to continue to adhere to health protocols, such as wearing masks, maintaining health, washing hands with soap, keeping distance, diligently exercising, and staying away from crowds. “We continue to supervise so that the implementation of face-to-face learning in schools runs successfully. Children have long missed face-to-face learning, let’s support and succeed so that our children learn safely and comfortably,” said Rustan.

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