98 Graduates of UOG Papua Graduated

goodmorningpapua.com – Ottow Geisler University (UOG) Papua held an open senate meeting for the graduation of the master and undergraduate programs for the 2021/2022 academic year at the Ottow Geisler multipurpose building, Jayapura, Saturday (28/5).

  The total number of graduates who were inaugurated directly by the Rector of UOG Papua were 98 people, consisting of 3 faculties, namely the Faculty of Economics as many as 41 persons, the Faculty of Science and technology 23 persons and the faculties of agriculture, forestry and marine as many as 24 persons and the magister of management as many as 5 people.

  Out of the 98 graduates, there were 10 with cum laude graduates. The open senate session was attended by the Head of LLDIKTI Papua and West Papua, Dr. Suriel S. Mofu, S.Pd., M.Ed., M. Phil, and the General Working Committee of the GKI Synod in Papua,  represented by, Rev. Absalom Takayeitouw., M. Si. Teol

 The chancellor of the University of Ottow Geissler Papua, Dr Jerry Sawai, M. Si, as a chairman of the session senate, expressed his joy and happiness to the graduates for having completed one stage of higher education at UOG Papua.

  “I feel proud of the achievements and persistence of the brothers and sisters in overcoming the various obstacles and challenges that have faced you during your education at UOGP. And also thank the leaders of the faculties, lecturers, educational staff in the UOGP environment who have worked hard in providing services, both academic and non-academic aspects at UOGP,” said the chairman of the senate.

   He also hopes that UOG Papau graduates will not only focus on finding work but also creating jobs for other people. “With good intellectual abilities, we hope that they can create their own work so that it is useful for others,” he said

  Meanwhile a Head of LLDIKTI XIV Papua and West Papua Dr. Suriel S. Mofu, S.Pd., M.Ed., M. Phil. appreciate the success of UOGP graduates who have gone through all the academic education processes at UOGP. He said that UOGP had met the national standards of education in Indonesia and its graduates had followed the academic regulations of education well, so they deserved degrees and diplomas.

   “Bachelor or master degrees released by UOGP have a national certificate identity. To be able to be used by graduates in finding work or continuing their education to higher academic education levels, both at home and abroad,” he said.

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