92 Percent of Pilkada Participation, an Evidence of Papua for NKRI

goodmorningpapua.com –  A Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD claimed that there were only a handful of Papuans insisting to separation. More than that, he said, 92 percent of Papuans are actually pro-NKRI.

Mahfud said that the figure can be proven from the people participating in the 2019 elections. About 92 percent of Papuans participated in the election, which means that according to Mahfud they care and are pro-NKRI.

“92 percent of Papuans are pro-NKRI, you count like this, who participated in the election. It means that they joined the Republic of Indonesia, right. So, of the 92 percent of these citizens, 93 percent chose Pak Jokowi, the rest only chose Pak Prabowo,” said Mahfud during a Working Meeting with DPD RI, Tuesday (25/5).

Indeed, Mahfud said that in Papua there are still separatist groups that often commit acts of violence. They cannot be invited to a dialogue because in their minds there is only one goal, namely wanting to be independent.

“There are also separatist groups whose ideas are basically independence. It is so little,” said Mahfud.

“So we are only dealing with a small group of people demanding for separation,” he said.

On that occasion, Mahfud said that all policies taken by the government in overcoming Papua have never ignored to Papuans or the people of Papua. All policies are also taken from recommendations submitted by various elements.

Mahfud admitted that until now the government had not in one hundred succeeded in dealing with Papua. Moreover, he said, the problems in Papua are a lot.

However, Mahfud ensures that every policy taken is the result of dialogue and discussions between the government and various community leaders intersecting with Papua.

“We were with the DPR, with the Papuan community in dialogue, then policies emerged concerning with the handling of Papua,” he said.

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