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9 Martial Arts Schools Do Parade for 4 Papuan PON Athletes around Merauke City

goodmorningpapua.com – Nine martial art schools warmly welcomed the return of 4 Pencak Silat [Martial Art] athletes from PON XX Papua at Mopah Airport, Merauke, Saturday, October 23, 2021.

This welcoming is in solidarity with fellow Pencak Silat Universities in Merauke. Not only an exciting welcome at the airport,  the athletes were also paraded around the city of Merauke.

The four athletes in question are Teal Taraepis who won the silver medal, Sri Rejeki, Aji Putra Ardiansyah and Lukas Kimnok. They are athletes from Merauke who have fought in sports events every four years.

The coach of the Pencak Silat contingent, Boy Sujud Harianto, said the struggle of the silat athletes at PON XX Papua was a motivation for the Pencak Silat schools in Merauke Regency.

Although of the four athletes, only one athlete managed to bring home the XX PON medal. According to him, this is history for the Silat College in Merauke.

“Of the four athletes from Merauke, only Teal Taraepis has won a silver medal,” said Boy.

Meanwhile, Teal Taraepis said that the silver medal won in XX PON will be presented to the people of Papua, especially the people of Merauke.

“I hope that my friends in school should be able to compete for achievement. Because obtaining this achievement is not easy, it requires hard work,” said Teal Taraepis, a final semester student at the Faculty of Law.

He hopes to be able to return to participate in PON XXI in North Sumatra-Aceh. “I have to prepare myself from now on, so that in the future the target of participating in PON can be accomplished. If God wills I will target a gold medal for Papua,” he hoped.

Here are 9 Silat schools welcoming XX PON athletes, namely, PD school  (Prisai Diri), Kera Sakti PSHT (Persaudaraan Setia Hati Teratai), PSHW (Persaudaraan Setia Winonggo Hati), Tapak Suci, Persinas Asad, PN (Pagar Nusa), and RJ (Rasa Jati ).

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