8 Thousand Enthusiastic Citizens Attend the Final Prayer for the Recovery of the Resurrection of Mappi

goodmorningpapua.com – The end of Prayer for the Mappi Regency Recovery and Resurrection was successfully held on Sunday, September 25, 2022. It was recorded that around 8,000 citizenss attended the prayer led by Pastor John Bunay, Pr.

The Prayer for the Restoration and Resurrection of Mappi began with a cross from the yard of the John Paul Satu Kepi YPPK Junior High School and ended in the courtyard of the Catholic Church of Christ the King of Kepi.

The activity continued with the planting of a cross in front of the Church of Christ the King of Kepi as a sign of resurrection. However, before the cross, representatives of 8 figures in the district offered prayers.

An Acting Regent of Mappi, Michael R. Gomar, S.STP, M.Si expressed his gratitude for the participation of the leadership and DPRD, Forkopimda, leaders, community organizations, GP Ansor, Banser, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist youth.

“We are grateful that today the Mappi recovery prayer activity has been completed and ended with the planting of a peace cross, a healing cross. Where through this healing cross, we have all given up the struggles of our lives so that the restoration of Mappi Land can run well,” he said.

Michael Gomar hopes that the support of the entire community can be well established, loving each other, respecting each other, eliminating all jealousy, suspicion, and negative thoughts.

“Mappi is a chosen being, we are all chosen here by God who was placed on this land to be a blessing to all mankind,” he said.

On that occasion, Michael Gomar also conveyed the principle of the Regional Government to provide the best service to the community. It is also ready to accept criticism from the public.

“The government is the representative of Allah on this earth. So that the criticism is an input for better policy changes in development on Mappi land. Our land has been restored, our hearts and minds must also be restored,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pastor John Bunay, Pr hoped that this 3-day Spiritual Awakening could enlighten the entire Mappi community to love one another and serve as brothers and sisters.

“Hopefully through this seminar, the people who attend, the people who attend will be enlightened that they understand what it means to live is an opportunity, to work to produce fruit in a peaceful atmosphere,” he said.

Pastor John Bunay believed and believed by crucifixion that all curses and all hindrances had been buried and a resurrection would appear.

“People here will think smarter for the betterment of themselves, their families and their nation. I believe Mappi will definitely Rise, Mappi you are tra empty and God Bless, “he said.

Representatives of traditional leaders from the Auyu Tribe, Dainatus Haibu want Mappi to remain safe and peaceful, free from all the crimes that usually occur in Mappi. “So in the future Mappi will be even better than now,” he expected.

The same thing was conveyed by a nun, Sister Antoneta, who assessed that the TRC in Mappi was extraordinary, so that it could make people continue to strengthen their faith. Moreover, spiritual activities like this are rarely done.

“My hope is that this spiritual revival activity will make us more confident in God’s goodness and always be together. Then there will be no more groups between us in this area, no enmity and no unwanted things,” said Sister Antoneta.

Meanwhile, a Head of the Mappi Police, AKBP Damianus Deddy Susanto stated that the three-day event was very positive, wherein the police can see the love between each other from the beginning of the activity to the end.

He also hopes that spiritual activities in the form of recovery prayers initiated by the local government can awaken the entire community to live a better social life in Mappi.

“We must love one another more and no more conflict can separate us. We are indeed different here, both ethnicity, religion and race and different customs, but let’s make that difference a unity in our Lord Jesus Christ and also maintain the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” he hoped.

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