8 Points of Recommendation for Regional Heads’ Working Meetings in West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Working Meeting of Regional Heads (Rakerda), Regents/Mayors throughout West Papua Province which lasted 2 days, from 19-20 October 2022 in Sorong Regency resulted in 8 recommendation points. The last day of the working meeting will last until Saturday morning, October 22, 2022, at around 05.30 WIT.

According to media monitoring at the meeting location, 13 regents/mayors were present for 2 days and lasted until dawn, without anyone leaving the meeting room.

The acting governor of West Papua, Komjen Pol. (Ret.) Drs. Paul Waterpauw. M.Si explained that the Regional Working Meeting was conducted to receive aspirations and suggestions, input from each regional head related to conditions in their area.

Waterpauw said the difference of opinion in the meeting was a dynamic for the benefit of the people in West Papua. “Differences of opinion are normal, all in the interests of the people of West Papua,” said Waterpauw.

He is one of the most passionate people when it comes to the interests of the community, where everything must be discussed transparently for the sake of the community. “For me, the public interest is everything,” said the three-star general.

Here are 8 points of recommendation for Regents/Mayors throughout West Papua Province:

1. Development of education in West Papua with the return to school movement to reduce dropout rates.

2. Spatial planning to resolve regional boundary disputes, including resolving the boundary issue between Manokwari and Tambrauw Regencies and the boundary between Sorong Regency and Tambrauw Regency which is regulated in Permendagri Number 141 of 2017 concerning Regional Boundary Affirmation.

3. Security, resilience and defence of the region. Where the regional heads agreed to solve the problem of fuel scarcity due to lack of supply and anticipate security threats in the Maybrat Regency and Bintuni Bay by collaborating with the TNI for infrastructure work.

4. Forming a regional Inflation Control team in regencies/cities throughout West Papua.

5. Reducing poverty and stunting by strengthening “by name by address” data, mapping poverty enclaves in each district/city, strengthening nutrition surveillance at the district/city level and strengthening the social assistance system to meet the nutritional needs of poor and vulnerable families .

6. Optimizing government public services by building public service malls in all districts/cities, as well as accelerating the recording of e-KTP, issuance of Family Cards, Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates. Guarantee the ease of investment / ease of business permits in the region.

7. Preparing budget allocations and realization of grant funds for the 2024 General Election as well as coordination with election organizers.

8. Improving regional financial supervision to prevent misuse of coaching grant funds, monitoring and accelerating the completion of follow-up to the results of internal and external audits as well as supervising misuse of village funds by providing assistance to the distribution of village funds.

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