8 Benefits of Papuan Buah Merah [Red Fruit], Preventing Cancer, Tumors and HIV/AIDS

goodmorningpapua.com – Buah Merah [Red Fruit] with the Latin name pandanus conoideus belongs to the Pandanaceae family. This plant is one of the endemic plants originating from Papua and spread to the Papua New Guinea area. In this area, Buah Merah can be easily found, both in the highlands and lowlands.

On the website, this Buah Merah has the shape of a pandanus-like plant as high as 16 meters with a branch-free stem height of 5-8 meters which is supported by stilt roots. Buah Merah has an oval shape and closed buds. When fruiting, this variety has a fruit length of about 55 centimeters, a diameter of 10-15 centimeters, and a weight of 2-3 kilograms. Although this fruit is red, there are also brown and yellow fruits that are still one variety.

Buah Merah has the potential to develop into traditional medicine from natural ingredients whose manufacture is in accordance with scientific criteria in Indonesia. Buah Merah contains high nutrients, including tocopherol, dekanot, beta-carotene, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. That way, this Buah Merah has very many properties to cure various diseases.

1. Preventing cancer, tumors, and HIV/AIDS

The content of beta-carotene which consists of 7,000 ppm (parts per million) and tocopherol reaching 11,000 ppm in Buah Merah can treat cancer, tumors, and HIV/AIDS. Because, these two substances will produce antioxidants and boost the immune system. In addition, the content of omega 3 and vitamin E in this fruit can also repair damaged cell tissue in the body. As a result, the nesting virus no longer gets food from a person’s body.

2. Curing hypertension, gout, and stroke

Natural tocopherol substances in Buah Merah will be useful for blood flow and blood circulation so that oxygen in the blood becomes normal. In addition, blood clots can be avoided.

Tocopherol also serves to improve the working system of the liver which is useful in the healing process of gout. That way, people with gout, stroke, and hypertension can be treated by eating this fruit.

3. Treating eye pain

Vitamin A derived from beta-carotene in Buah Merah can treat eye pain, such as nearsightedness or temporary blindness.

4. Curing diabetes mellitus

Vitamin E in the tocopherol content can improve the performance of the pancreas so that it functions to secrete insulin better.

5. Curing osteoporosis

Quoted from the book entitled Buah Merah, states that in every 100 grams of Buah Merah contains 54,000 milligrams of calcium. This content can prevent and help cure osteoporosis.

6. Increasing aphrodisiac or libido

The high content of vitamin E in this fruit can produce sperm cells in men in large numbers. This is thought to act as an aphrodisiac.

7. Improving intelligence

Buah Merah contains omega 3 as much as 7.8 percent and omega 6 as much as 8.8 percent which is useful for increasing the intelligence of a person’s brain.

8. Being a food source

Buah Merah can be an alternative to sweet potatoes, sago, and natural dyes.

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