75 Business Actors at Jayapura City Register for Free Intellectual Property Rights

goodmorningpapua.com – As many as 75 business actors will be facilitated in the registration of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy [Kemenparekraf]/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency [Baparekraf].

The Socialization and Facilitation of Intellectual Property Registration activities for business actors is a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and Sebelas Maret University, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and the Association of Intellectual Property Teachers.

A Director of the Directorate of Intellectual Property Development for Creative Industries of Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf, Robinson Sinaga said, those 75 business actors include culinary there are 29 people, 10 participants in the cottage, 10 participants for fashion, 7 tourism participants.

“There are 75 business actors who are facilitated. We facilitate the administration, namely managing the registration process with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, while through financial facilitation, the registration of KI is entirely financed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy or free of charge,” he said in Jayapura, Thursday, March 22, 2022.

He explained that the IPR certificate is necessary for the creative business actors as legal protection for their products. That way, these business actors can sue if any of their products are plagiarized by certain parties.

“We facilitate the creative business actors starting from the initial registration until the HKI certificate is issued. They only come with their products and ID cards, the rest we help facilitate,” he explained.

Meanwhile, a representative from Sebelas Maret University (UNS), Muhammad Hendri Nurhayadi, has ready collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy regarding IPR socialization and facilitation activities. This year, there are 4 provinces that are the target of activities, starting from Jayapura City, Papua.

“After Jayapura City, similar activities will be held in Gorontalo, Palembang and Soli. We are moving quickly so that the economic benefits can be immediately accepted by the creative parishioners. The target is as many as 398 HKI which are facilitated by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy through UNS,” he explained.

In the same place, a Head of Creative Economy, the Papua Culture and Tourism Office, Boni Asso, expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and UNS for initiating the socialization and facilitation of the IPR.

“We say gratitude because Papua becomes a priority. This is because we have actually planned this activity since last year, but it was not accommodated. We hope that tourism and creative business actors will get economic benefits after obtaining HKI,” he said.

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