737 Prisoners from Adults and Kids in West Papua Receive General Remission on Indonesian Independence Day

goodmorningpapua.com – The regional office of the ministry of law and human rights in West Papua province stated that as many as 737 adults and kids prisoners in the province received general remission on 17 August 2021.

The head of the regional office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in West Papua Province, Slamet Prihantara, in Manokwari, said that the general remission on August 17, 2021, was given to 737 prisoners and children involved the law cases from a total of 1,125 inmates throughout West Papua.

“The remission or reduction of the detention period for 737 prisoners and children in this province is based on the Decree (SK) of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number: PAS-876/877/880.PK.01.05.06 of 2021,” said Slamet Prihantara, Tuesday ( 17/8/2021).

He said, of the 737 inmates and children receiving remission on August 17, 2021, 15 of them received direct free remission (BL) from Fakfak Class II Prison, Class IIB Sorong Prison, Class IIB Manokwari Prison and Class III Kaimana Prison.

“There are 15 inmates from Fakfak Prison 4 people, 8 people from Sorong Prison, 2 people from Manokwari Prison and 1 person from Kaimana Prison who has a Corruption case with a remission amount of four months,” said Slamet.

By wearing Papuan traditional clothes, Slamet Prihantara hopes that the 722 prisoners and children receiving the 17 August remission in 2021 will be able to show better attitudes and behaviour in following all stages and processes through coaching programs in each prison.

He also sent a special message to the inmates receiving remission and were immediately released, so that they could organize a better life in their families and communities.

Previously, at the peak of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day ceremony, Governor Dominggus Mandacan invoked all people in this province to preserve the diversity that has been maintained so far. The governor also urged the community to raise up against COVID-19 by injecting vaccines and obeying health protocols.

“Everyone must play a role in filling independence with togetherness and peace. But also we must rise up against COVID-19 by giving ourselves the vaccine and complying health protocols,” said the Governor of West Papua.

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