70 Years in Waiting, Two Villages in Yapen Enjoy Electric Light

goodmorningpapua.com – Electricity has become a basic need for the community, there are almost no social activities without the use of electricity, therefore the government will continue to strive to illuminate the areas of Indonesia until it is 100% illuminated.

Building electricity infrastructure is not merely a matter of increasing the percentage of electrification, but is related to the sustainability of its energy sources.

People in 2 villages in West Yapen District finally enjoy electricity from PLN, after waiting for more than 70 years.

Electricity enters 2 villages centered in Sasawa Village, West Yapen District which will be held on Saturday, March 12, 2022.

A manager of PLN UP3 Biak, Yakomina Senandi explained that currently there are still a number of electricity installations that are still in the process of being completed.

Because electricity has become a basic need in Papua, the parties fulfilingl the electricity needs of the community must carry it out with full responsibility and must be able to realize the Catur Cita Electricity which consists of adequate, competitive, sustainable and equitable distribution.

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