7 Typical Papuan Animals that Are Almost Extinct, Number 5 Called Incarnation of Heaven

goodmorningpapua.com – There are some typical Papuan animals which are almost extinct. Currently the population continues to decrease which makes it increasingly rare. Papua is one of the regions in Indonesia that has natural wealth and a lot of interesting things. The endemic animals originating from Papua are very unique. But unfortunately, some of them are now close.

1. Mambruk Bird

The Mambruk Bird is one of the beautiful birds living in the forests of Papua. One of them is in Mimika Forest. This bird belongs to the pigeon group, but is large in size with gray-blue feathers, red eyes and has a crown on its head.

There are three types of Mambruk Birds, namely Victoria Mambruk, Ubiaat Mambruk and South Mambruk. The existence of this animal population is decreasing. Because these animals used to be consumed by the public like ordinary chickens. However, because it is already threatened with extinction, there is a ban on consuming the bird.

2. Kuskus Waigeo

 Kuskus Waigeo also known as the Kuskus Tutul Waigeo, is a species of marsupial in the Phalangeridae family. This cuscus is endemic to Waigeo Island. At first glance, the Waigeo cuscus looks almost the same as the black spotted cuscus, but it’s definitely different. What distinguishes these two animals is the pupil of the eye which has a vertical slit with red eyeballs.

The population of this animal is decreasing over time due to hunting and also the damaged habitat.

3. Labi-Labi Moncong

 Labi-Labi Moncong  is a typical Papuan animal that is almost extinct. These animals are often referred to as turtles. Labi-Labi is omnivorous species that can eat various types of food. But unfortunately, the population is very threatened due to poaching and illegal trade.

His last refuge was Mount Lorentz National Park. This animal has been included in the list of protected animals according to the Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation No. 106/MENLHK/SETJEN/KUM.1/12.2018 concerning the second amendment to the Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation Number P.20/MENLHK/SETJEN/KUM.1/6/2018 concerning plant species. and protected animals.

4. Dingiso

 Dingiso or also known as the Mbaiso Tree Kangaroo is a species of tree kangaroo endemic to the island of Papua. This animal is considered sacred by the Moni Tribe. Dingiso inhabits the Alpine Forest, Papua. This animal lives under the tree line, at an altitude of 3250-4200 masl. The existence of this animal is basically guarded by the Moni Tribe, considering that the Moni Tribe considers this animal sacred and an ancestor that should not be disturbed. Even so, this animal is still included in the animal that is considered very rare, even the IUCN includes it into the endangered category.

5.Birds of Paradise

 This one animal doesn’t seem familiar anymore. Birds of Paradise are birds that belong to the Paradisaeidae group and the Order Passeriformes. This bird can be found on the island of Papua. By the people of Papua, this bird is considered an incarnation of Heaven. Birds of Paradise are found in mountain forests, especially on the island of Papua, the Torres Strait, Papua New Guinea, and eastern Australia. Now, Birds of Paradise are rare animals due to poaching and also the destruction of the habitat where they live. Therefore, the Government through Law no. 5 of 1990 and Government Regulation No. 7 of 1999 made Cenderawasih one of the protected animals.

6.Cassowary Gelambir

 Single Cassowary Gelambir is one of the typical Papuan animals that is almost extinct. Cassowary Gelambir is the largest bird species in the world. This bird inhabits the northern region of Papua to Papua New Guinea. Single Whip Cassowary is similar to an ostrich, but cannot fly. Although the extinction is not too high, the population of this bird is decreasing due to illegal hunting and also the destruction of living habitats.

7.Black-Winged Parrot

The black-winged parrot is a type of parrot that has beautiful feathers and chirping. This bird inhabits areas on the islands in the Cenderawasih Bay. This bird is threatened with extinction due to hunting by irresponsible people. This is a row of typical Papuan animals that are almost extinct. The beauty of the animals owned by Papua is a wealth for Indonesia. By conserving them and also protecting their habitat, these endemic Papuan animals will continue to exist.

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