7 Tourist Attractions in Merauke Papua, There are Time Capsule Monuments to Lotus Gardens

goodmorningpapua.com – To fill your vacation time, you should be able to visit tourist attractions in Merauke, Papua. Merauke, Papua, has a variety of beautiful tourism destinations, located at the easternmost tip of Indonesia.

There are various tourist attractions in Merauke, Papua, the most beautiful, most popular, and even hits among tourists, you know! You must visit the following tourist attractions in Merauke, because they are ready to make your vacation even more memorable. So, what are the tourist attractions in Merauke, Papua that you can visit on vacation? Let’s see the recommendations.

Summarized by goodmorningpapua.com from various sources, Monday (12/12/2022), recommendations for 7 tourist attractions in Merauke Papua which are so interesting.

1. Time Capsule Monument

The Time Capsule Monument is a tourist spot that has been built since 2015 and was inaugurated in 2018. The Time Capsule Monument tourist spot has become a new icon in eastern Indonesia that is so popular. The shape of the Time Capsule Monument building is so unique and interesting.

The architecture of the building is similar to the Avengers logo. Visiting the Time Capsule Monument contains the dreams of Indonesian children for the future. The dreams were written down, then placed into the capsule. Not only children, all have the right to write down their dreams for the future. Later, the dreams that have been written will be opened 70 years in the future. Location of the Time Capsule Monument Alun-alun, Kelapa Lima, Merauke District, Merauke Regency, Papua.

2. Onggaya Beach

You can enjoy the cool air on Onggaya Beach while on vacation to Merauke, Papua. At Onnggaya Beach you can do various activities being definitely fun.

To visit Onnggaya Beach, you can come directly to Nasem, Merauke District, Kab. Meraukes, Papua. The beauty of Onnggaya Beach, namely the crashing of the waves with clear water combined with the decoration of the coral reefs, makes for an incomparable beauty

3. Wasur National Park

Wasur National Park is located in Sota District, Kab. Meraukes, Papua. The location of Wasur National Park will amaze anyone visiting it. There are savannas and swamps that is very charming typical of the village of Merauke.

The beauty of Wasur National Park lies in the mangrove plants which are no less beautiful. Wasur National Park also has a variety of fauna such as the great yellow bird of paradise, kangaroos, freshwater crocodiles, cassowaries and many more.

4. Payum Beach

No less beautiful, Payum Beach is a tourist destination you can visit while on vacation in Merauke. Payum Beach is a beach that is still not visited by many tourists.

So, being on Payum Beach feels like having a private beach. Payum Beach has attractions such as the exotic atmosphere of dusk in the afternoon to the soft texture of the sand.

The location of Payum Beach is in Samkai, Merauke District, Kab. Meraukes, Papua. To go to Payum Beach is so easy, because of its strategic location close to the city center.

5. Habe Island

 Tourist attractions of Habe Island are famous because there is a statue of Jesus Christ similar to that in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Not only that, Habe Island has another uniqueness, namely that many turtles and shells are found around the edges of its beaches.

The location of Habe Island is in the Tubang District, Merauke Regency, Papua. Not many visitors come to Habe Island, so the marine ecosystem is still maintained.

6. Rawa Biru Lake

 Rawa Biru Lake is so beautiful, popular that it hits tourists. The attraction of Rawa Biru Lake is that the lake water is so refreshing and its natural appearance is still beautiful. Not only as a tourist spot, Rawa Biru Lake is a supplier of water needs in Merauke. The location of Lake Rawa Biru is in Sota District, Kab. Meraukes, Papua.

7. Lotus Garden

The next most beautiful tourist spot is the Lotus Garden. There are small ponds and gazebos in the Lotus Garden. You will find beautiful jungle forests typical of Papua. Lotus Garden stands on an area of 10 hectares. The location is in Muram Sari, Semangga District, Kab. Meraukes, Papua.

Lotus Garden is an artificial tourist spot. Even though it’s artificial, you definitely won’t feel bored and disappointed if you visit Lotus Garden.

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