7 Tourism Places in Merauke Papua, Unique There is a Capsule Monument

goodmorningpapua.com – 7 Tourism places in Merauke Papua are famous for their natural beauty. This place, dubbed the city of deer, must be visited. Not only that, several other tourism destinations are already quite popular around the world. As is known, Merauke is a regency located at the far eastern tip of Indonesia. In addition, Merauke is also the largest district in Eastern Indonesia. In fact, 7 tourism destinations in Merauke Papua have natural wealth and undenial beauty.

If you want to visit this place, take to know some reviews of the most popular tourist attractions in Merauke, summarized on Thursday (23/9/2021).

1. Lampu Satu Beach

The first order of tourist attractions in Merauke Papua that must be visited is Lampu Satu Beach. This place has an astonishing beauty and you can find it here. This recreation area is suitable for families, because it has a calm atmosphere that makes tourists feel comfortable. Even, this beach, dubbed the muddy beach, has a beauty when sunset arrives. The location is on Jalan Menara Lampu Satu, Samkai, Merauke District, Merauke Regency.

2. Onggaya Beach

Apart from Lampu Satu Beach, there is Onggaya Beach which is no less cool. The blue expanse of the sea can coddle the eyes of visitors with a cool breeze. This beach panorama will not make you regret for visiting it. To get a more beautiful view, it is recommended to come in the afternoon. The location is in Nasem, Merauke District, Merauke Regency, Papua.

3. Wasur National Park

One of the national parks in Indonesia you must know. This National Park is popular for its beautiful Papuan biodiversity. This park is part of the largest wetland in Papua which has the types of flora and fauna that you can find. The types of animals found here include tree kangaroos, king musk, wattle cassowary, bird of paradise and others. The ecosystem in this park is still very diverse and its beauty is maintained. The location is in Sota District, Merauke Regency, Papua.

4. Capsule Monument

The origin of the name of the capsule monument is because this monument has a capsule containing the dreams and hopes of Indonesian children. This monument is often perpetuated by tourists who want to take pictures in this place. One of the best landmarks in Merauke City. The location is in Alun-alun, Klp, Lima, Merauke District, Papua.

5. Lotus Garden Merauke

A suitable tourist destination to relax while looking at the beautiful forest park which is suitable for those of you who don’t like crowds. There is a quiet pool and gazebo you can use while enjoying this place. The entry price is only charged Rp. 20,000. The location is in Maram Sari, Semangga, Merauke Regency.

6. Libra Monument

The tourism destination  which is often visited by tourists from out of the city is called Tugu Libra. Around the monument, many local people walk, jog, and even cycle. This place is a hangout place for young people to just spend time with their colleagues and friends. There are also many people selling various kinds of food. The location is strategic because it is in the city center, precisely located on Jalan Parakomando, Klp. Lima, Merauke District, Papua.

7.   Animal Park of Yamai Atib

The last order in the 7 tourism places  in Merauke Papua is located in the center of Merauke City, precisely on Marind Street, close to Merauke Hospital. This tourism spot is suitable for those of you who want to see animals whose habitat you will only find in Papua such as kangaroos, cassowaries, and deer. The entrance fee to this place is not set at a fixed price, but it is just volounteraly one.

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