7 Facts about 3 Candidates for New Provinces in Papua, Possessing World Festivals

goodmorningpapua.com – A House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia held the 26th plenary session for the V session of the 2021-2022 trial year. In the plenary meeting, the DPR approved 3 Draft Laws (RUU) related to the New Autonomous Region of Papua or the new province of Papua.

The 3 new provinces in Papua and their capital cities are South Papua Province with the capital located in Merauke Regency, Central Papua Province with the capital located in Nabire Regency, and Papua Mountains Province with the capital located in Jayawijaya Regency.

The naming of the 3 candidates for the new provinces in Papua is proposed to be adjusted to the customary territory. Therefore, South Papua was proposed as Ha Anim Province, Central Papua was named Meepago Province, and Papua Mountains was named Lapago Province.

Facts about 3 Candidates for New Provinces in Papua

1. Merauke is 8 times wider than Jakarta

This easternmost region of Indonesia is the largest district in Indonesia. Merauke is bordered by Papua New Guinea to the east, Mappi and Boven Digoel Regencies to the north, and the Arafura Sea to the south and west. The area of ​​Merauke Regency is 46,792 sq km, almost 8 times wider than Jakarta.

Merauke Regency is a plain area from the north coast of Merauke to the west, to Kimaam and Komolom islands, as quoted from the Papua Province website. The middle is a swamp area. The average air temperature in Merauke is around 26.7° C, the lowest is 21° C in September and the highest is 32.8° C in December.

2. Merauke Nature is more like Australia

Merauke’s natural conditions are slightly different from the general natural conditions of Papua. Merauke has a natural appearance that is more like Northern Australia. You can find deer, small kangaroos, and a 5-meter high Musamus termite nest in the prospective capital of South Papua Province.

The Merauke area has historical tourist places of struggle and the easternmost border of the country in the Sota district, natural attractions at Lampu Satu Beach, to Waisur National Park which is typical of swamp and savanna areas.

3. Many Mountain Peaks in Nabire

Nabire Regency also has many mountain peaks scattered from west to east, including Mount Gamei, Kirobi, Guraja, Merewapi, Guapija, Wagoha, Akubar, Afufa, Dogs (Nohiawewe or Onggawendie), Irare, Seliber, Tona, Temaka, Patima, Mamae, Koboge (Wayland), and Manan Toheri. Mount Mamae also has Mamae Lake in Teluk Kimi District, although the peak of Mount Mamae is in Nabire District.

4. The Meeting of the Three Plates of the Earth

Quoted from the Nabire Regency page, this area is located in the Cendrawasih Bay area, Papua Province and the Pacific Ocean which is above three plates of the earth. As a result, this area is prone to earthquakes.

A number of earthquake-prone areas in Nabire Regency are Samabusa Harbor, Siriwini Village, Nabarua, Kali Susu Village, Oyehe Village, Karang Mulia, Morgo, Bobo River, and Bumi Wonorejo. Wanggar District and Oyehe Village are also tsunami-prone areas.

5. Peak of Eternal Snow and Lake Above the Clouds

Jayawijaya Regency is known as the Jayawijaya Mountains which is famous for its eternal snow peaks even though it is located in a tropical region, including Trikora Peak (4,750 masl), Mandala Peak (4,700 masl), and Yamin Peak (4,595 masl).

The Jayawijaya Mountains are distinctive with steep mountain slopes and narrow and steep river valleys. The natural vegetation of this wet tropical forest in the lowlands makes the temperate forest grow rapidly in the valley. Meanwhile, mountain forest ecosystems develop in areas with an altitude between 2,000-2,500 meters above sea level.

At the foot of Mount Trikora Peak, there is Lake Habema which is nicknamed the lake above the clouds. Because, this beautiful lake is located at an altitude of 3,300 meters above sea level.

6. Baliem Valley and World Festival

The Jayawijaya Mountains surround the Baliem Valley which is widely known through the worldwide Baliem Valley Festival every August. On August 8-10 2022, the Baliem Valley Mini Festival will be held by 10 groups of tourist objects in the Usilimo District. After a hiatus during the pandemic, this mini festival will feature war-fighting attractions, archery competitions, spear throwing, pig racing, and various other cultural competitions and performances.

The Baliem Valley is inhabited by the Dani Tribe whose carvings are known to Europe through the festival. The area is also known for mummies, such as the Mummy of Wimtok Mabel in the Kurulu District, the Aikima Mummy (Weropak Elosak) in Aikima, and the Alouka Huby Mummy in the Asologaima District.

7. White Sand without the Sea

Although in the mountains, you can also find white sand in the Baliem Valley. This white sand without sea is located at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level.

So, those are some facts about the candidate for the new province in Papua and its capital cities. Interested in playing and learning with this new provincial candidate?

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