7 Billion for Repairing Clean Water and Electricity in Waa Banti Village, Mimika

goodmorningpapua.com – Residents in Waa Banti Village, Tembagapura District, Mimika Regency can now enjoy clean water and electricity facilities.

Waa Banti Village was abandoned by local residents due to security disturbances in March 2020. However, in early 2021, local residents returned to their villages.

Repairs to the clean water and electricity network began in mid-2021 carried out by PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) supported by the village head and the Indonesian National Police and the National Police and completed in December 2021.

Waa Banti is a village located 5 KM from PTFI’s operational area. With this improvement, local residents can enjoy electricity and clean water facilities in their respective homes.

When Waa Banti Village was abandoned, the majority of the infrastructure in the village was damaged.

 “Freeport pays attention to and supports the construction and improvement of facilities, so that people can stay comfortable in their hometowns,” said Nathan Kum, PTFI’s Vice President of Sustainable Development, Nathan Kum, in a press statement received by Kabarpapua, Tuesday 8 February 2022.

With the connection of water and electricity lines in Waa Banti Village, FI also thanks the local government, through the village head who has helped outreach to residents before the work started, including the TNI-POLRI who have assisted in security during the work.

Nathan said PTFI spent USD 500,000 or more than Rp 7 billion for the construction and repair of clean water and electricity facilities throughout the 2021 work.

Nathan Kum said PTFI will continue to synergize with local governments in terms of improving the welfare of residents around the company’s operational areas.

“We hope that the improvement of clean water and electricity facilities can be beneficial for the people living in the village of Lembah Waa Banti,” said Nathan.

PTFI built a dam (water tank) in the Opitogong area, which is about 5 kilometers from the residents’ village.

The construction of this water dam is not easy, since it is located on a hill with steep and muddy road access conditions.

“The journey for the workers to reach the dam requires a minimum of 1.5 hours each way, so this is a challenge in itself,” said Rolly Nelwan, a Group Leader of PTFI Community Infrastructure.

Meanwhile, to repair electrical installations, PTFI has repaired a 550 kVA generator located in the Banti II area. Repairs to electrical installations include repairing all transformers, installing electric poles, as well as repairing electricity networks in residents’ homes.

“There are so many the damaged power lines inside and outside the house, so repairs require a lot of time and money,” added Rolly.

Currently, the residents of Waa Banti village no longer need to buy candles and can carry out various activities at night.

With clean water, people do not need to collect rainwater or go for a long walk to the river to carry out various activities, such as washing clothes, washing places to eat and bathing.

 The community is also happy because of all public facilities, especially churches, now have electricity so they can use them for Christmas and New Year’s services.

PTFI hopes that the electricity and clean water that is already available in Waa Banti village can be used properly by the community and includes maintaining and maintaining all these facilities.

With these basic needs fulfilled, the community is able to do daily activities and even various activities related to health, education and the economy.

After these repairs are completed, PT Freeport Indonesia will continue to perform equipment maintenance in collaboration with local contractors owned by local natives, namely PT Makmur Namum and PT Namor Nin Berdikari Papua. For electricity supply, PTFI also collaborates with YPMAK (Amungme and Kamoro Tribe Community Empowerment Foundation).

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