66 Special SPKLUs Prepared to Welcome G20 Delegates

goodmorningpapua.com – PT PLN (Persero) has ensured the readiness of 66 General Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU) to support the operation of electric vehicles that will be used in the peak event of the G20 High Level Conference (KTT) in Bali. These SPKLUs have been spread in strategic areas to make it easier for Delegates to participate in the G20 Summit.

A Secretary of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (KBUMN) Susyanto during a direct visit to the SPKLU at Parking Hotel Apurva Kempinski stated that the provision of 66 SPKLUs is part of the support of SOEs, in this case PLN, for the implementation of the G20 Summit. He saw that the preparations made by PLN had met the target, including the addition of power for the reliability of electricity supply in Bali.

“For these SPKLUs, we have averaged 99 percent, and the remaining 1 percent in the middle of this month will all be completed. PLN has also doubled electricity security in Bali. So the buffer for the G20 event will be safe, God willing, “said Susyanto during a visit to PLN’s readiness for the G20 in Bali, October 4, 2022.

Susyanto is optimistic that the addition of electrical power to 1,422 MW and the alerting of 1,079 personnel from PLN for the G20 event in Bali will run smoothly. He fully supports PLN’s preparations because this agenda brings Indonesia’s name to the international arena.

“PLN’s role is very important here. As requested by the President, we will use electric cars during this event. This means that the world can see that Indonesia has advanced and we will continue to encourage this because electric cars also reduce pollution,” he explained.

A PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo ensured that PLN was ready to support this grand event. He said that the construction of the SPKLU was a form of PLN’s commitment to the success of the G20 Summit and implementing the energy transition program in Indonesia.

“In the framework of this year’s G20 Summit Presidency, PLN supports the government by preparing all infrastructure and also electricity-based operational vehicles as a showcase for carbon emission reduction actions,” said Darmawan.

The presence of 66 SPKLUs will support the operation of 636 electric cars and 30 electric buses that will be used by delegates. In addition, there are 290 units of electric motors for security and 300 units of electric cars for operations during the G20 Summit activities.

Darmawan explained that the 66 SPKLU units provided by PLN were already Ultra Fast Charging. With details 64 units have been installed, and 2 units for mobile. In addition, there are 200 Home Charging units spread throughout the province of Bali.

SPKLU Ultra Fast Charging has a number of advantages. The full charging electric cars can be done in just 15-30 minutes from an empty position. Not only that, the SPKLU with a power of 200 kilo Watts (kW) is also equipped with the Simultaneous Charger feature so that it can charge 2 vehicles simultaneously.

“This G20 Summit is an international event that has become the world’s spotlight. For this reason, PLN has prepared very carefully and put all its efforts into the success of the G20 Presidency,” he said.

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