600 Okaba Residents Have Been Vaccinated

goodmorningpapua.com – A doctor at the Okaba Public Health Center, Merauke Regency, Papua Province, dr. Tiara Sari admitted that 600 persons in the district had been vaccinated. Generally, those who receive the Covid-19 vaccine are village and district officials, as well as traders. However, society in general has not.

“Indeed, some residents have been vaccinated. Only that the number is still small. We are making preparations to go to the villages,” said Tiara to goodmorningpapua.com in Okaba, Friday last week.

It is said, a number of vaccines for the community have been prepared. Only time left for trips to the villages.

“It needs the careful preparation, considering the villages reached are very far away,” he said.

He admitted that he continues to coordinate with the Okaba District Head, so that time is arranged for a trip to the village. Of course, some villages cannot be reached in a day for vaccination, given that it is the long distances.

Doctor Tiara also said that based on reports, so far no resident in Okaba has been exposed to the corona virus.

“So Okaba is still clean from the virus,” he said.

Separately, the Head of the Merauke District Health Office, dr. Nevil Muskita, said that approximately 51,000 residents in the district in the southern region of Papua have received vaccinations.

The first phase has reached 31,000, while the second phase is around 20,000 residents and this will continue to be conducted.

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