6 Spots at Jayawijaya to Become a Digital Tourism Village

goodmorningpapua.com – Jayawijaya Regency Government, Papua, this year is preparing six villages to be used as tourist villages and digital villages, in every existing tourist attraction.

A Head of the Control and Evaluation Program at the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) of Jayawijaya Regency, Rabinra Patasik, said that together with the Director General of Infrastructure at the Ministry of Disadvantaged Regions in 2022, the development of digital villages and tourist villages will be intervened by several related agencies such as the Culture and Tourism Office as well as  Kominfo.

“The development of this digital village and tourist village will involve cross-departmental organizations such as the Tourism Office, Communications and Informatics, DPMK, PTSP, Fisheries Service, and Agriculture Service,” he told reporters in his office, Monday (28/3/2022).

As stated by him, there are several villages in the district in the central highlands of Papua that have been surveyed and are still in the assessment stage regarding the potential that exists in each village. One of the villages that is almost certain to be carried out is Walakma Village in the Bpiri District. The reason is, from the survey results in Walakma Village, there are several tourism potentials that can be developed and utilized digitally by publishing using an e-commerce system, because there are waterfalls, mystical caves, passion fruit plantations, and coffee plantations.

“Kominfo has programmed to increase the capacity of the internet network over there. The Tourism Office intervened by making tourist lodges and from the Public Works [Dinas] intervention road access. It is hoped that Walakma Village will become a pilot project for the development of digital villages and tourist villages,” he said.

Apart from Walakma, the development of tourist villages and digital villages is also targeting several existing tourist objects, such as in Kurulu, Asotipo, Pisugi, and Usilimo Districts.

Meanwhile, a Head of the Jayawijaya Culture and Tourism Office, Engelbert Sorabut explained, it is hoped that the six tourist sites that have been targeted can become a village digitization development.

“We hope that all villages that have tourist objects can be included in the program, so that the access and potential possessed by the village can be directly promoted by the manager, no longer the agency that promotes it,” said Sorabut.

He said, on average, natural tourism such as caves and cultural tourism in Papua such as mummies were the targets for this digitalization system. For this reason, he also hopes that the Communication and Informatics Office has bigger activities so that all tourism can use digitization.

 “For the development of waterfall tourism objects in Bpiri, there is indeed a plan next year, the development of tourist lodges, in collaboration with the Department of Public Works for access roads to tourist attractions,” he said.

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