6 Facts and Myths Concerning Papua You Don’t Know

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Papua Only Has Forests

Papua is actually a large island which is divided into 2 provinces, namely West Papua with the capital city of Manokwari and Papua with the capital Jayapura. Besides, it is also divided into various regencies and municipalities. Indeed, some areas of Papua are still covered with forest, but if you hear the names Jayapura, Sorong, Biak, Manokwari, Fak-Fak, Merauke, Wamena and many others, you will believe that these names are already in the form of cities.

Papuans Have to Wear Koteka

Maybe for some indigenous Papuan people living in the inland, they still use the koteka. But some areas in Papua have been into cities, so the way of dressing has also adjusted to the city’s conditions as in general.

Even some people also comply fashion developments and dress fashionable, this is marked by the opening of many well-known clothing outlets such as Planet Surf, Ramayana and even Levi’s pants can be purchased in Papua. I, who live in Sorong, rarely even meet people who wear Koteka in their daily life.

Cost of Living in Papua is Expensive

For this I do not deny that the price of goods sold in Papua is more expensive than the market price in Indonesia in general.

It is reasonable, because of all the necessities of life still have to be “imported” from Java or other big cities and often it is to reach Papua, these goods are carried by airplane. Of course this makes the shipping costs very expensive which affects the final selling value of the item.

Therefore, many companies provide “expensive money” allowances to their workers in Papua to offset the high cost of living in Papua.

The beauty of Papua is only in Raja Ampat

The beauty of Raja Ampat that amazed the world seemed to close the other natural charms of Papua. There are still many lovely places in Papua, the beauty of Papua is not only Raja Ampat but the whole island.

Papua is Still Left Behind

If someone says Papua is still left behind and there is no development, it is a big mistake! This is because Papua has also developed quite rapidly and recently President Jokowi is building the Trans Papua route, which will connect cities at Papua.

There are only native Papuans

Many people think that Papua only contains Papuans, when in fact there are many indigenous people who are not Papuans having social, educational, and economic activities in both Papua and West Papua Provinces. They associate and gather with indigenous Papuans with the intention of sharing, helping and benefiting each other.

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