55 Yospan Dance Contest Participants Enliven the Yapen Archipelago’s Anniversary

goodmorningpapua.com – A total of 55 participants took part in the Yosim Pancar (Yospan) Dance competition which was held across communities to celebrate the 53rd Anniversary of Yapen Islands Regency.

The competition held in Serui Square, Yapen Islands Regency, Papua, Friday, March 4, 2022, invited many pairs of eyes who were stunned by the agility of the dancers.

The Coordinator of the Art and Culture Section of the Yapen Islands Anniversary, Mark Imbiri revealed, a total of 63 participants registered to participate in the Yospan Dance competition. However, only 55 participants passed the verification.

Mark Imbiri hopes that the Yapen Islands Regional Government can respond to the breakthroughs and ideas of the youth shown in this Yospan Dance performance competition.

“We hope that the government will respond to ideas from youth, both culturally and digitally, which can advance the Yapen Islands Regency,” he said.

Tris, one of the participants in the Yospan Dance competition, believes that the competition which is implemented to celebrate the Yapen Archipelago’s Anniversary can have a positive impact on the participants.

“I hope that in the state holidays, Yosim Pancar can be included because the enthusiasm of the people is very much and can lift Papuan culture back to the top,” he said.

Yospan dance is a type of social social dance in Papua. Where often played by young people as a form of friendship. Yospan is an abbreviation of Yosim and Pancar is a traditional dance originating from two regions in Papua, namely Biak and Yapen-Waropen.

Initially, Yospen consisted of the social dance of Yosim and Pancar. The two dances are different dances but are finally combined into one. In the show, the dancers invite other residents to get lost in the songs performed by the group of singers and the holders of musical instruments.

The musical instruments used are simple, consisting of Cuku Lele and a guitar, which are musical instruments from outside Papua. There is also a device that functions as a bass with three straps.

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