50 Residences in Papua Receive 1.17 Billion House Renovation Assistance

goodmorningpapua.com – The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing or PUPR has distributed the Self-Subsistent Housing Stimulant Assistance Program (BSPS) or house renovation for 50 uninhabitable housing units (RTLH) in the Yoboi Tourism Village as many as 30 units and Asei Village 20 units in Sentani, Papua.

“We carry out the BSPS program so that the community can enjoy the results of development from the government. If previously the house was not suitable, then with the help of the BSPS Program the house became more livable,” said Director General of Housing of the Ministry of PUPR, Khalawi Abdul Hamid in a press release in Jakarta, Monday, 6 September 2021.

He stated that the housing assistance was expected to improve the community’s economy during this pandemic.

In implementing the BSPS Program, he added, the government always encourages the active role of the community so that they work together and are escorted by field facilitators (TFL).

Even local governments, for him, are expected to be able to replicate the BSPS Program in accordance with the local wisdom of their respective regions.

“We want Indonesia to be free from the RTLH through this BSPS Program and the community can occupy a decent house. The community as recipients of assistance is also required to play an active role in every process of its implementation, both administrative and technical,” said Khalawi Abdul Hamid.

Meanwhile, a Head of the Papua I of Housing Provision Agency (P2P) Directorate General of Housing, Ministry of PUPR, Faisal Soedarno explained, the BSPS program in the Sentani area is an additional quota in the context of National Economic Recovery (PEN) which will be implemented in four districts namely Jayapura Regency ( 50 units), Keerom Regency (30 units), Tolikara Regency (150 units) and Jayawijaya Regency (50 units) and one city, namely Jayapura City (20 units).

“In the construction of community houses through the BSPS Program, we involve workers from the surrounding community. The total of BSPS budget we disburse is IDR 7.05 billion for a total of 300 community housing units in Papua Province,” he explained.

For him, the implementation of the BSPS-National Economic Recovery Program this time is very appropriate because it is distributed to tourist villages, namely Yoboi Village and Asei Village in Sentani.

The Ministry of PUPR hopes that with this BSPS Program, the Papuan people can live in livable housing and be able to become a driver of tourism economic turnover in the area.

“Kampung Yoboi received assistance as many as 30 units with a total budget of Rp. 705 million. So the BSPS Program can also help improve the quality of housing and add to the beauty of tourist villages that are included in the Top 50 Indonesian Tourism Villages Rise,” he said.

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