5 Unique Tribes in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua is an area known for its rich culture and traditions. No wonder, if there are still many tribes who remain to adhere to their noble values. However, do you know the five most unique tribes in Papua? These are the 5 Unique Tribes of Papua.

1.  Asmat

Asmat is one of the great tribes in Papua. The thing that makes this tribe more famous is the wood carving which is considered very unique. The Asmat tribe is also famous for its distinctive Tobe dance.

2. Dani

 Dani is one of the very popular tribes in Papua. The tribe that inhabits mountainous areas, is also the largest tribe there. The uniqueness of the Dani tribe is that they still inhabit traditional houses called Honai.

3. Korowai

Known for its uniqueness, namely the people living in tree houses. They live in a very tall tree house with a height of 15-50 meters.

4. Muyu Tribe

One of the tribes in Papua inhabiting the area around the Muyu River which is located in the northeast of Merauke. The language used is the Muyu language.

5. Amungme

 Amungme can be said to be the oldest tribe in the eastern part of Indonesia. The Amungme are a tribe known to have strong ties to mountains. For this tribe, the mountain and its surroundings are a sacred place that must be guarded.

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