5 Tourist Paradises at Supiori Regency, Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The following series of tourist attractions in Supiori Regency, Papua, you must visit when you want to heal with unusual nuances.

For information, Supiori Regency is one of the areas in Papua and being popular with many tourist attractions.

Even the Supiori area itself has its own beauty that is interesting for tourists to visit directly.

Indeed, for ordinary people, the Supiori area is less well known, especially when compared to the Raja Ampat islands.

Nonetheless, there are still many tourist attractions that have not been discovered by others and have become their own hidden gems.

Moreover, its location close to Biak Island makes the area not too difficult for tourists to visit.

Being curious about what tourist attractions in Supiori Regency are interesting for you to visit? Here are the full recommendations.

Pariem Supiori Beach

The first choice of beautiful tourist attractions in Supiori is Pariem Beach, located at Sauyas, East Supiori District, Supiori Regency. This one place will not only provide an experience through to the beach as usual.

Because one of the things that really attracts tourists is being able to see the highland landscape, namely Mount Sombunem.

Visitors can see this view in the eastern part of Pariem Beach which is of course very beautiful. Not only that, one of the things that many tourists look for is fishing tourism in that place. To enjoy the beauty of Pariem Beach, visitors do not need to pay an entrance ticket or it is free.

Insumbabi Island

The next is Insumbabi Island which is located in the western part of Rani Island and is quite popular among many people.

It is because here there is a tour in the form of a marine park that visitors can no longer doubt its beauty.

It is proven by the achievement of one of the Director Generals at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries because of its beauty. The address for Insumbabi Island itself is precisely in the South Supiori District, Supiori Regency, Papua.

Because it gets the title as a beautiful tourist spot in the world, you must visit Insumbabi Island directly.

Wabudori Falls

The next choice of tourist attractions in Supiori Regency is Wabudori Waterfall located in a village called Sabarmiokre. The address of the waterfall is precisely in Sabarmiokre, Waryei, West Supiori, Supiori Regency, Papua.

Actually Wabudori Waterfall is a series of water terraces around the local area. However, because the steps are quite high, people often refer to it as a waterfall.

Warawe Nyiben Beach

There is also Warawe Nyiben Beach which has its own beauty and is interesting for you to visit.

Actually the place is not very famous because the local authorities have not fully paid attention to the location.

It is for this reason that this truly enchanting destination is not too crowded by visitors.

However, this is often the main attraction and makes the area still very beautiful.

With the quiet situation there, visitors can also attend like the owner of the place privately without anyone else. The address for Warawe Nyiben Beach is precisely in Supiori Regency, Papua which you can access directly.

Supiori Brassi Island

There is also Brassi Island which is not too far from Supiori Island and is one of a series of islands around it.

There are quite a lot in it because the beach in it is quite long and surrounds the small island.

Anyone who was present there could freely witness the historical evidence that had happened in the past.

That’s because there are still quite a lot of relics from the second world war taking place between Japan and the allies.

The address from Brassi Island is precisely in Supiori Regency, Papua. Those are a series of tourist attractions in Supiori Regency, Papua that are interesting for you to visit to bring an unusual vacation.

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