5 Tourism Destinations Around Lukas Enembe Stadium of PON XX Papua 2021

goodmorningpapua.com – A Lukas Enembe Stadium is a stadium being used as the venue for the opening ceremony of the Papua National Sports Week (PON) XX 2021, Saturday (2/10/2021). The stadium, which was enlivened by a number of Papuan arts during the ceremony, is located in Harapan Village, Nolokla, East Sentani, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

If you are in Papua to watch the PON event, or plan to go to the province in the near future, here are five tourism places around the Lukas Enembe Stadium you can visit, in accordance with a summary of Kompas.com from various sources, Monday (4/10/2021) :

1. Khalkote Beach

Khalkote Beach is located in Asei Besar, East Sentani, Jayapura. The distance from the stadium is only 4.3 kilometers (km) or about nine minutes. Although it is said to be a beach, this tourist area is actually a lake. If you visit at a certain time, when the pandemic is over, tourists can enjoy the Lake Sentani Festival in this place.

While on the shores of Khalkote Beach, visitors can enjoy the lovely landscape of Lake Sentani which is surrounded by hills. If you want to take pictures, in addition to the natural scenery, there is also the words “Khalkote Beach” which can be used as a photo spot.

2. Pholeuw Park

Pholeuw Park is located in Asei Kecil, East Sentai, Jayapura. The distance from the stadium is 14.4 km or about 21 minutes. Apart from Khalkote Beach, the best spot to enjoy the beauty of the largest lake in Papua or Lake Sentani is Pholeuw Park. The green hilly landscape can also be easily seen from the city park on the shores of Lake Sentani. When visiting in the afternoon, the beautiful sunset will be seen from Pholeuw Park. If you want to relax, there are several steps to form a semicircle that can be used.

There are various photo spots available. For example, the words “Pholeuw Park” will light up at night with a view of the lake, and the hillside of the road that can be used as a background. There are also winding steps with views of the hills and paintings of the sunset near the semicircular steps. Then there is also a semicircular sun-shaped spot which is similar to a sunset.

3. Douglas Mac Arthur Monument

A Douglas Mac Arthur Monument, also known as the MacArthur Monument, is located in Hinekombe, Sentani, Sentani Kota. The distance from the stadium is 15.3 km or for about 26 minutes. The monument or obelisk which is located in the Main Regiment Complex of the XVII Cendrawasih Pos 7 Sentani Regiment has been around since World War II. The monument was built by United States allied forces to commemorate General Douglas Mac Arthur who led troops to attack Japanese troops during World War II.

From the monument area in the hills, visitors can see Lake Sentani, the hills that surround it, and mountains. The Douglas Mac Arthur Monument also has some information regarding General Douglas Mac Arthur which is complemented by several ancient photographs.

4. Jokin Lake (Joko Indah)

Jokin Lake is settled in Dobonsolo, Sentani, Jayapura. The distance from Lukas Enembe Stadium to get there is 13.4 km or about 28 minutes. If you like to take picture of selfies, this tourist spot is the right place to visit. From the entrance, it already offers a lot of photo spots.

5. Yoboi Village Pier

Yoboi Village Pier is located in Kehiran, Sentani, Jayapura. The distance from the stadium to this tourist spot is 15.1 km or  for about 28 minutes. Similar to Jokin Lake, this tourism spot also offers colorful nuances that selfie fans might like. Tourists who visit can also enjoy the landscape of Lake Sentani surrounded by green hills.

While taking selfies and enjoying the scenery, don’t forget to taste Sentani’s special culinary such as grilled sago caterpillar and ouw which are food passed down from generation to generation by local people.

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