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5 The Most Beautiful Lakes in Papua, the Fascinating Paradise of the World!

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua is well-known with Raja Ampat as a famous tourist spot. But not only that, Papua also has other tourism destination that are no less lovely, you know! One of them is a lake tourism that should not be neglected.

The lake itself is a body of water surrounded by land with water sourced from soil, rivers, and rain. Papua also has a variety of interesting lakes to explore. Among them are as follow:

1.  Paniai Lake

Including the most beautiful lake in the world is Paniai lake located in Papua. The views are beautiful so being a pride when visiting. In addition, the community also benefits from the economy. Residents can catch fish and shrimp on the shores of the lake.

There are many facilities in the Lake Paniai area, including posts to keep tourists from bad things, tour guides, rental of boats and fishing rods, and food stalls. Enjoying the condition of the lake will be very exciting, really!

2.  Sentani Lake

            Sentani lake is located under the downhills of the Cyclops Nature Reserve Mountains. It feels incomplete if you go to Papua but not to Sentani lake.

This lake is the largest lake in Papua, precisely in Jayapura Regency. At the National Sports Week (PON) 2021, Sentani lake is also promoted as a leading tourism attraction, you know! Its natural beauty really makes you feel at home!

3. Tigi Lake

Wishing to camp on the shores of a beautiful lake? Tigi lake has a very natural and clean nature. Imagine the air you breathe in the morning until the evening is always cool, so it will make you comfortable.

Fishing in Tigi lake is also allowed, you know! You don’t have to rent, you can only bring your own fishing rod.

A sense of peace in the heart can be obtained if you are lucky to see the sunset. Welcoming attractions can also be seen by local residents at certain times. Interesting, right?

4.  Rombebai Lake

Rombebai lake is located nearby the Mamberamo River. No wonder sometimes there are animals from the sea entering freshwater place. This spot is a very suitable place to take pictures. The background is lovely and natural, you know!

Accessing to Lake Rombebai is not difficult, just use a charter plane. The passenger capacity is approximately 8-10 people. Then proceed with a speed boat, you can find other tours at the destination.

5.  Kamakawalor Lake

            Kamakawalor lake is surrounded by dense forest. The right location is in Lobo, Kaimana Regency. Not much has been exposed, the natural beauty of this place is still more visited by local residents than tourists.

Because of a large place, residents also make the park to plant various types of crops, so that it creates beautiful scenery. It took 8 years to make the lake environment what it is today, you know!

The beauty of nature is never separated from a sense of comfort, especially the air and the environment. Some of the lakes above can be your tourism destinations if you go to Papua, oke!  Which one of the lakes will you visit first?

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