5 Reasons to Make Traveling in Nabire, Whale Sharks to Island Hopping

goodmorningpapua.com – If West Papua Province has Raja Ampat,  Papua Province has Nabire as its eminence marine tourism destination. Nabire is a district in Papua which borders West Papua. On the map, its position is right at the “bird’s neck” which describes the island of Papua.

The potential for marine tourism in Nabire is automatically re-observed in line with the promotion of the Papua PON which will be held on October 2-5 2021. The main tourist activity in Nabire is observing whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay, which is in the Cenderawasih Bay National Park area.

To the east of Nabire is the waters of Cenderawasih Bay, while to the south is the Numamuram Strait (Dualiri Bay District) and to the west is Wondama Bay. The northern waters of Nabire are also directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.

If you’ve been to Raja Ampat and want to continue exploring on the island of Papua, Nabire is definitely not to be missed.

1. Whale Shark Watching Tour

Kwatisore village is the main destination for those who want to dive and meet whale sharks in Indonesia.

The village, which is included in the Cenderawasih Bay National Park area, is also called the “Rain Village” because of its fairly frequent rainfall throughout the year.

If you want an observation tour for whale shark in Nabire, don’t forget to rent the services of a travel agent who focuses on environmental conservation, security, and local community development, so that tourism activities become more responsible.

2. Island Hopping

It is so scatche if you only come to Nabire just for tours on one island or beach, because this coastal area has many small islands that can be visited for island hopping.

Citing the website of the Nabire Regency Government, several small islands in Nabire have potential as marine tourism destinations, such as Pulau Moor, Mambor, Hariti, Ahe, Babi, Nuburi, Papaya, Nutabari, Mango, Umbur, Anggarameos, Kikir, Nuhmarau and Misoowar.

There is a natural cave on Misowaar Island which is a relic of ancient times. In this cave, there is a hot spring that contains sulfur without salt content.

If you want to have a picnic on the beach, tourists can go to Gedo Beach, Yamari Beach, Burate Beach, Nusi Beach, Maf Beach and Irio Beach. Because there are not many tourists, so island hopping in Nabire can be an unforgettable experience, like visiting a private island.

3. Waterfalls and Lakes

Bihewa waterfall is also a pride marine tourism of Nabire. This waterfall has seven steps and clear and clean water flows. The surrounding trees are also lush, so it brings fresh air when plunged into it.

4. Historical Place

Historical relics from the 18th century can also be found in several places in Nabire, such as in Wendesi, Wasior and Yomber. Many Christians visit Yende Village on Roon Island to view the holy book published in 1898.

5. Culinary Tourism

Just like lodging, there are several choices of places to eat that can be visited to fill the stomach in Nabire. It seems that the local government is indeed starting to develop more accommodation factors, so that tourists can be more comfortable coming to travel. Because it is a coastal area, you should not forget to eat seafood dishes offered by many food stalls opening on the shores of Nabire.

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