5 Papuan Musical Instruments, Completed with How to Play them

goodmorningpapua.com – Papuan musical instruments are certainly diverse and unique. In addition to being often used for traditional ceremonies, they are also used to entertain the people of Earth of Cenderawasih. Most traditional Papuan musical instruments are played by blowing. Yet not infrequently there are also patted to produce a beautiful tone in the ear.

Some Papuan musical instruments have an interesting philosophy and history. So, no wonder, these musical instruments often adorn tribal ceremonies in Papua. Quoting from various sources, Friday (16/9/2022), the following is a list of Papuan musical instruments and how to play them.

1. Triton

Triton is a typical Papuan musical instrument. Made of a large snail shell that has been perforated at the end.

Before being used as a musical instrument, Triton was used to warn residents. How to play it is by blowing a small-made hole. The sound is produced from the large natural hole on the other end.

2. Kaido

Kaido which is also known as Pikon is made of fine bamboo or reeds which are threaded with orchids.

Initially, Kaido was created to relieve the fatigue of the Papuan people after farming. However, it developed into one of the musical instruments that must be present at traditional ceremonies. How to play it is easy, one side is blown. Simultaneously the orchid thread is pulled to adjust the high and low notes.

It is believed, the resulting tone can be translated as a form of expression of sadness, love, joy and even hatred. Even, the youth of the Mee Tribe often use Kaido to express feelings of love for the opposite sex.

3. Fuu

This Papuan musical instrument is similar to the Triton. The difference is this one is made of bamboo. A short piece of bamboo is perforated on both sides of different sizes. In addition, carvings with certain motifs are also pinned on the outside of the musical instrument. How to play Fuu is done by blowing the small hole until the sound comes out of the big hole.

4. Krombi

Another Papuan musical instrument is made of bamboo. The top of the bamboo is slashed so that the inside is visible. Then, at the top tied some threads of rope. Krombi is played by hitting the rope using a small bamboo stick. Just like Kaido, Krombi is often used as an accompaniment to traditional ceremonies and parties.

5. Tifa

Tifa is a Papuan musical instrument that looks like a drum. Tifa is often used to accompany traditional dances and community wars. The musical instrument is made of wood with a hole in the middle and covered with animal skin. Various kinds of carvings also adorn the musical instrument depending on the philosophy that each Papuan tribe wants to display.

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