5 National Heroes from Papua that the Current Generation Needs to Follow

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua is a province in Indonesia located on the western island of New Guinea. Not many know that from the Land of Papua, several heroes were generated who had an important role for Indonesia’s independence. And here are five National Heroes from the Land of Papua:

1. Silas Papare

Silas Papare is one of the National Heroes from Papua who is persistent in fighting for the return of Papua to the Republic of Indonesia. He was born in Ariepi Village, Serui, Yapen Waropen on December 18, 1918.

Silas Papare’s goal was to end Dutch power in his ancestral lands and maintain its independence. Silas passed away in Serui and received the Hero of Indonesia award on September 14, 1993.

2. Frans Kaisiepo

Frans Kaisiepo was stipulated a National Hero in 1993. On December 19, 2016, Frans Kaisiepo was enshrined in the Rp. 10,000 banknote. Frans Kaisiepo is also perpetuated as the name of the airport in Biak, and the name of the ship of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) Navy (AL). Frans Kaisiepo was born in Wardo, Biak, October 10, 1921.

Frans Kaisiepo was also popular as the Governor of West Irian from 1964 to 1973. Since he was young, Kaisiepo has been known as an activist for the independence movement of the Republic of Indonesia in the Papua region. Frans Kaisiepo passed over on April 10, 1979. He was buried in the Cendrawasih Heroes Cemetery, Jayapura.

3. Marthen Indey

Marthen Indey was declared a National Hero in September 1993. His name was used as the name of the army hospital in Jayapura, Marthen was born in Doromena, Papua on March 16, 1912 with the name Soroway Indey. After his baptism, he used the name Marthen.

He was once sent to New York to participate in the negotiations that resulted in the New York Agreement, in which Irian Jaya joined Indonesia. Marthen Indey passed away in Jayapura on 17 July 1086.

4. Machmud Singgeri Rumagesan

Machmud Singgeri Rumagesan was awarded the title of National Hero in 2020. He was born in Kokas on December 27, 1885 and became viceroy at the age of 21. Two years later, he served as Raja Sekar in Fakfak, with the title Raja Al Alam Ugar Sekar (King who was born and grew up without the influence and power of other occupations).

Machmud’s struggle is extraordinary. On December 24, 1949, West Irian was proclaimed independent from the Netherlands after it was decided at the Round Table Conference (KMB). While participating in the National Congress for Peace in Jakarta, Machmud called for Irian to return to Indonesia.

5. John Abraham Dimara

Johanes Abraham Dimara was declared a National Hero on November 8, 2010. He was born in Korem, North Biak, Papua on April 16, 1916 with the name Arabel. When he was 13 years old, Dimara was adopted as a child by Elias Mahubesi, a member of the Ambon police.

In 1054, Dimara, who became a member of the TNI and served as the Chairman of the West Irian Liberation Organization, was arrested by the Dutch Royal Army. He was exiled to Digul and released in 1960. Johannes Abraham Dimara passed away at the age of 84 years, 20 October 2000 in Jakarta.

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