5 Indonesian Artists of Papuan Descendants, Number 4 is a Cast in the Ikatan Cinta Movie

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua not only has a portrait of the captivating natural beauty. This Earth of Cendrawasih also gave birth to many talented people in the art world. In fact, many artists of Papuan blood have a career in the entertainment world in the country. They have had successful careers and become public idols.

Who are the celebrities having Papuan ancestry? Here are 5 Indonesian artists of Papuan descent that iNews.id summarized on Saturday (4/12/2021).

1. Edo Kondologit

The first Indonesian artist of Papuan descent is Edo Kondologit. Indonesian people must be familiar with the figure of Edo Kondologit. He is a famous singer since the 1980s. The man from Sorong, West Papua has also had a successful career in acting.

Edo is noted to have starred in 5 films. Among them are Red CobeX, Seputih Cinta Melati, Salah Bodi, My Boyfriend, the Anak Koruptor, and Boven Digoel.

2. Ari Sihasale

The next Indonesian artist of Papuan descent is Ari Sihasale. An actor and musician Ari Sihasale became famous in the 1990s. Having a handsome face, the husband of artist Nia Zulkarnaen apparently has a mixture of Papuan and Chinese blood.

Ari Sihasale once joined the vocal group Cool Colors with Ari Wibowo, Surya Saputra, Johandy Yahya, and Ari Wiyatno. Now, he owns the production house Alenia Pictures which he manages with his wife.

3. Nowela

The next is Nowela. Besides having a golden voice, this Indonesian Idol output stole the public’s attention with his exotic face. The owner’s full name Nowela Elizabeth Mikhelia Auparay has a mixture of Papuan and Batak blood.

Nowela is also proud of her lineage to the point of releasing several solo and collaborative singles that highlight the Papua region. Such as Living in Papua, Tra Utah Pikir, and The Sprit of Papua.

4. Evan Sanders

An Ikatan Cinta actor, Evan Sanders, is also included in the list of Indonesian artists of Papuan descent. The owner’s full name Stevanus Alexander was born in Biak, Papua, on November 8, 1981.

Evan started his career as an MTV VJ. As time goes by, his career was brilliant in the world of acting and starred films and soap operas in the country.

5. Mamat Alkatiri

Another Indonesian artist of Papuan descent is Mamat Alkatiri. Although born in Ambon, the comedian Mamat Alkatiri is a native of Fakfak, West Papua. He migrated to Yogyakarta to continue his education as a prospective dentist at a university.

His name was famous when he participated in the Stand-Up Comedy event at a private television station. After that, his career skyrocketed and was successful in playing in feature movies, such as Laundry Show, Yowis Ben 2, and Dignitate.

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