5 Facts about the Sorong City, Papuan Economy Gate with the Complete Attractiveness

goodmorningpapua.com – Sorong City is one of the areas in West Papua being a transit location for tourists who want to visit Raja Ampat. The name “Sorong” comes from the Biak language “Soren” which means deep and wavy sea.

The word ‘Soren’ was then pronounced by the immigrants, namely Chinese traders, Maluku, Sanger Talaut, and missionaries from Europe as ‘Sorong’. This city turns out to have some interesting facts that can attract tourists.

1. Sorong Harbor

Sorong Harbor not only functions as tourist traffic to and from the Raja Ampat tourist area.

As a home base for oil companies operating in Sorong Regency, this port is also a door for investment opportunities. Not only oil companies, this port also has facilities for the marine fisheries sector including an ice factory, auction place and fish landing base.

With this port, Sorong City is one of the gateways to Papua Island for investors to invest their capital.

2. Berlin Wall Beach

Unlike the Berlin Wall in Germany which separates West Germany and East Germany, the Berlin Wall in Sorong does not look scary. The Berlin Wall in Sorong serves as a barrier between the coastal area and the elongated beachfront highway.

This area is a gathering place for tourists to enjoy seafood and one of the best places to enjoy sunset views.

3. Trikora Wersar Monument

The Trikora Monument in Wersar Village, Teminabuan District contains a history of the people’s struggle to return Papua to the Motherland. The location for the construction of the Trikora Monument was formerly the location where the Indonesian Air Force (AURI) was deployed in 1962.

The troops came in the framework of the West Irian Liberation Operation, which was named Komando Trikora. This monument was erected to commemorate the Indonesian Air Force paratroopers who died to return Papua to the Republic of Indonesia. At that time, the Red and White flag flew for the first time in Papua, namely in Wersar Village, Teminabuan.

4. Sapta Ratna Pagoda

Sapta Ratna Pagoda is the only pagoda as a house of worship and a place to store ashes for Buddhists living in Sorong City and its surroundings. This seven-story building has the real name Qi Bao Ta which is also a symbol of inter-religious harmony in Sorong City.

But over time, this location became one of the landmarks visited by many tourists. From the Sapta Ratna Pagoda, the view of Sorong City towards the sea is clearly visible.

5. Doom Island

Doom Island is a tourist attraction that can be reached within 10 minutes by boat from Sorong City. The beautiful sea landscape will take tourists to an island with a history of the former center of Dutch government in the eastern part of Indonesia during the Second World War.

The Dutch built Doom Island neatly with housing blocks lined up. In addition to the Netherlands, Japan also briefly controlled the Doom Island and built a defense system over there.

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