5 Facts about Kuala Kencana, a Modern City Built in the Wilderness of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Kuala Kencana, is a district known as a modern city in Mimika Regency, Papua, Indonesia. The district built magnificently in the middle of the wilderness of Papua is fully managed by PT. Freeport Indonesia.

Unlike the shadow of a city in the inland that is backward and untouched by development, Kuala Kencana actually provides the impression of a city with good planning.

Here are some interesting facts about Kuala Kencana which is called modern and majestic.

1. Limited Area

Kuala Kencana is not a tourist area but a district in Mimika Regency containing a residential complex with complete facilities. Reporting from the mimikakab.go.id page, Kuala Kencana is a limited area so not just anyone can enter this area.

Everyone entering must show a certain identification card or permit in order to be allowed in. Likewise, vehicles that want to go in and out will pass a strict and thorough inspection by security officers at the Timika-Kuala Kencana border checkpoint.

2. Implementing the Underground Utilities

The development of the Kuala Kencana area has used careful planning with the implementation of underground utilities.

The power lines, communications, and distribution of clean water, and processing of waste are neatly embedded in the ground. Reporting from TribunTimur, Kuala Kencana is the first city in Indonesia to have a sewer system which is then channeled to a waste processing center. Not only that, the underground power line in Kuala Kencana is also the first in Indonesia.

3. Western-Style Housing

Housing in the Kuala Kencana area is not like the residential areas of most Indonesians. The houses are built without fences and are equipped with large courtyards, with modern western-style buildings. The housing arrangement is also orderly and neat as it blends with the natural conditions in the lowlands.

Several residential complexes for Kuala Kencana residents include RW A or Bumi Satwa Indah, RW B or Tirta Indah, apartment complex, complex Jl. Bougenville, and finally the Bachelor’s Quarter.

4. Complete Facilities

Beside the PT Freeport Indonesia office building and employee housing complex, there are also soccer fields, indoor badminton courts, indoor futsal fields, Olympic standard swimming pools, golf courses, and even shopping centers. Not only that, in Kuala Kencana there are also public facilities such as schools, square (The Plaza), churches, mosques, salons, libraries, restaurants and banking services.

5. Beautiful Environment

The environment in Kuala Kencana is very clean and beautiful, with many parks with green grass and trees in the area. The development of the Kuala Kencana area does apply the concept of harmony with nature while maintaining a lot of green areas. This makes Kuala Kencana known as a modern city with an environmentally friendly concept.

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