5 Facts about Helicopter Accident in Yahukimo Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The accident of a helicopter belonging to PT Airfast Indonesia in the Yahukimo Regency, Papua, closed a series of events that afflict the air transportation mode throughout 2021.

Here are the facts about the accident happened to Airfast’s helicopter:

1. Lost contact

Airfast’s helicopter with flight code PK-ODB crashed at a distance of 130.8 km from Boven Digoel to the north. The last location of the lost contact on the spidertrack radar was at coordinates 04â °.57’9,16” S – 140â °.05’54,46” E at 16.01 WIT with an altitude of 1067 feet and a speed of 43 knots.

2. The distance of the scene [TKP] from the capital city of Boven Digoel

The commander of the 1911 Boven Digoel Kodim, Lt. Col. Danil Panjaitan, said that it took about 1 hour to get to the scene (TKP) or where the helicopter belonging to Airfast had an accident from Tanah Merah, the capital of Boven Digoel Regency. This is the closest distance to carry out an evacuation compared to having to go through the government center in Yahukimo Regency in which the helicopter crash is located

3. Condition of the victim

All of the victims, totaling 4 people, were reported to have survived, although they were injured. The four persons, consisting of 2 crew members, namely Captain Agung Miharja and Fauzan Huda as the engineer on board. Two more people were passengers, namely Kanisius and Iwan.

4. Evacuate victims

After being evacuated, all the victims underwent a first treatment by the doctor on duty at the Tanah Merah Hospital, Boven Digel. Furthermore, three people were evacuated to Timika to undergo more intensive treatment for their injuries, namely Captain Agus Miharja, Fauzan Huda, and Kanisius.

5. The Cause of Helicopters

Based on investigation by a Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police Kombes Ahmad Mustofa Kamal revealed that the cause of the crash of Airfast’s helicopter in Yahukimo was not yet known.

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