5 Awesome Movies with the Papuan Theme and Setting Spoiling the Eyes

goodmorningpapua.com – Hey guys, you need to know, there are many things that can be the allure of a film. Starting from the storyline, characterizations, to the setting taken. Now, speaking of the setting, it seems that every corner of Indonesia is suitable for a beautiful film setting. One of them is the eastern part of Indonesia, precisely in Papua.

The land of Papua has also become one of the areas that is often brought up to the big screen. How about not? Papua has many cool spots that make the atmosphere of the film even more exciting. Starting from the mountains, hills, meadows, to the sea. So, what are some cool movies that were shot in Papua?

1. Denias, Humming on the Clouds (2006)

You could say it was an “opening tap” that the East Indonesia area was suitable as a shooting location. This film is based on a true story, the entire setting of the film is located in the Land of Cenderawasih. Besides, you can see the beauty of Papua Island and the friendliness of the people.

The location of the village of Denias figures takes the background of the Wamena Mountains area. The houses used for filming are the original houses of the local community. Although, some were built for shooting needs. Because of the story and visuals that spoil the eye, this movie, directed by John de Rantau, was selected for the 2008 Academy Award.

2. In the East of the Sun (2012)

Still talking about the inland of Papua and the theme of education. This film tells the story of a school in a remote part of Papua that desperately needs teachers. Produced well and interestingly by Ari Sihasale, this film also exhibits stunning views of Papua.

Taking a shooting location in an area in Tiom, Lany Jaya Regency, this movie has its own added value. This film features a scene that is too beautiful to forget.

3. Epen Cupen (2015)

With Papuan life setting, this film is based on a collection of humorous stories previously known on YouTube with the same title. You can really feel Papuan fresh humor in this film. However, behind the humor, it displays an exotic Papuan background.

Action comedy genre, this film was shot in three locations, namely Jakarta, Jayapura, and Merauke. It could be that the director wanted this film not only to show the tension of the chase scene, but at the same time introduce the beautiful scenery of Jayapura and Merauke.

4. Lost in Papua (2011)

At first glance reading the title of the film Lost in Papua, you will guess that this film tells the story of man or woman who are lost in Papua. Yep, this film tells of Rangga and his team who are looking for a new mining point in Papua. This film is set in several areas of South Papua.

The Director Irham Acho Bahtiar took shooting locations in several areas of Merauke, such as Pantai Lampu Satu, the Seven Wali-Wali Bridge, the LB Moerdani Monument, and the atmosphere of Merauke City. Of course, some of these areas tell us that Merauke is no less beautiful than locations abroad.

5. Salt of the Earth (2014)

Not only Indonesian filmmakers who are interested in making films in Papua, there are also Hollywood filmmakers interested in making films in Eastern Indonesia. Although only a documentary one, the film, entitled Salt of the Earth, tells the story of photographer Sebastiao Salgado who has explored various places in the world. One of them, Papua.

Various locations in Papua are beautifully displayed. It also makes people want to watch it until the end. Therefore, this movie won an award at the Oscars in the category “Best Documentary Awards” in 2015.

Well, those are some films with the setting of Papua that are captivating. These films are the pride of Papua, the pride of Indonesia.

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