47 Years of Being a Health Hero in Papua, a Doctor Soedanto Sincerely Going In and Out of the Forest Paid by Sago

goodmorningpapua.com – His name is Fransiskus Xaverius Soedanto. His job is a doctor. For almost 47 years, he has become a health hero in Papua. Starting from remote areas of Papua until now opening a practice in Jayapura, doctor Soedanto is so sincere in devoting himself for helping the health of Papuans.

Doctor Soedanto has gone through various stories since he first served in Papua in 1975 or 47 years ago until now. He also doesn’t count how much sago he has received from Papuans as a form of their gratitude for doctor Soedanto’s dedication in healing people in Papua.

Many of Soedanto’s patients express their gratitude by means of food. It all started when doctor Soedanto graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University in 1975.

After that, Soedanto registered for the Inpres Doctor program and was declared graduated in the same year. The young doctor Soedanto was immediately placed in Asmat, Irian Jaya, or now known as Papua.

As of 6 years, doctor Soedanto has served the community in Asmat. Going in and out of forests and swamps on foot, Soedanto checks the health of people from one village to another.

In fact, when crossing the vast Asmat forest to reach patients, Soedanto only consumes makeshift food.

“However, while I was in Asmat, I was not alone. I was accompanied by several indigenous medical personnel over there,” said Soedanto.

Soedanto said that the Asmat people live with strong cultural values, even though they still wear clothes made of grass.

After serving in Asmat, Soedanto moved to Jayapura City in 1982.

The Abepura Mental Hospital became his place to serve patients until his retirement in 2013. However, his sincerity in serving the treatment of the community has never been extinguished.

As a result, the Rahmat Pharmacy on Jalan Ayapo Number 11 Abepura, Jayapura City, was opened to support health services for residents of Jayapura City.

He said, in that year, the treatment price given to the public was quite cheap.

Doctor Soedanto did not really think about the fees he received from treating each patient.

With the condition of his body that is now getting older, Soedanto admits that sometimes he feels tired. “But what can I do, for the community, I must continue to carry out my obligations as a doctor,” he said.

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