4 Innovations of the Papuan Green Economy

goodmorningpapua.com – The green economy is a solution to improve the welfare of the people of Tanah Papua without destroying forests and nature. The Asia Foundation (TAF) made a number of breakthroughs to support the development of this type of economy. First, encouraging business chain collaboration from upstream to downstream.

Second, initiating Village Owned Enterprises (BUMK) and managing commodities distributed through e-marketplaces.

Third, assistance and development of local commodities. And fourth, strengthening indigenous peoples and the environment through ecological Fiscal Transfers (EFT) schemes. In the process, these various breakthroughs succeeded in developing eminent commodities without causing forest conversion or deforestation.

These various commodities include cocoa, vanilla, citronella, nutmeg, agarwood, and taro. Throughout 2018 to 2021, TAF in collaboration with various stakeholders has recorded various achievements.

Like the economic transaction value of cocoa commodities which reached more than 3.6 billion rupiah. Then the turnover of citronella oil production is Rp. 20 million per 6-12 liters. And succeeded in exporting vanilla to the United States through the Nimboran Kencana Cooperative, the National Cooperation Business Association and PT. Agri Spice Indonesia.

However, there is still homework that needs to be done so that the development of the green economy in Papua is maximized. Among other things, the legal access of indigenous peoples to forests through the Social Forestry program that needs to be strengthened.

Then, the right of indigenous peoples to access the required information also needs to be supported.  No less important is the expansion of green economy socialization through multi-stakeholder forums.

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