4 Extreme Culinary in Papua Contain a Lot of Nutrients, Ranging from Sago Caterpillars to Insonem Sea Worms

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua not only has a global tourist destination, but also has some special culinary delights that others may consider extreme, but have benefits and nutritional content that is good for the body.

Summarizing from various sources, the following are extreme Papuan culinary foods that you can taste when traveling to Papua, including:

1. Sago caterpillar

One of the culinary extremes in Papua is the sago caterpillar. The Papuan people have even been consuming sago caterpillars since Prehistoric times. You can taste this Sago Caterpillar Satay either raw or cooked until ripe. Sago caterpillars have a delicious, savory and chewy taste. In addition, sago caterpillars also contain a very large amount of protein which is rich in good benefits for our bodies. Quoting from Tempo.co, sago caterpillar has a protein content of 32.54 percent in each piece.

2. Tambelo worms

You can find extreme Papuan food, typical of the Kamoro Tribe, tambelo during the Kamoro Tribe Festival. Kamoro people also sometimes serve this snack to visiting tourists. Tambelo worms are usually found in dead mangrove trunks that are submerged in water and have been rotting for about 2-3 months.

3. Insonem Sea Worm

Sea worms are one of the catch targets for people inhabiting the Raja Ampat Islands. Quoting from Budaya-indonesia.org, this extreme food from Papua is cooked smokedly by using a coconut shell and a little firewood.

The smoke rising from the coconut fiber and shell which then makes the Insonem Sea Worm ripe. When the Insonem Sea Worm has matured, its color will turn brown. Although it is processed in a simple way, the sensation of enjoying these embossed sandworms is guaranteed to never be forgotten.

4. Ant’s Nest

The shape of this typical Papuan food is similar to an ant nest that is usually found on the sidelines of the rocks. This nest is hunted by a lot of people because of its content which is believed to be healthy and treat several diseases.

Ant nest is a plant native to Papua which is rich in properties to cure various chronic diseases such as cancer, tumors, tuberculosis, and so on. Usually the people of Papua, make ant nests as a snack when drinking tea or coffee.

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