4 Education Personages in Papua have Global Achievements!

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua is part of eastern Indonesia located north of Australia. Just like other regions, the land of Papua also gave birth to a number of educational figures.

These educational figures have contributed to the field of education for Papua, even worldwide thanks to their theories. The following are educational figures in Papua.

1. Thom Wospakrik

Born on January 1, 1922, Thom Wospakrik is the main figure in the management of the Christian Education Foundation (YPK). During his lifetime, he fought for the advancement of education for Papuans through YPK.

Thom started his career as a teacher in the 1940s in Biak. For 50 years, he served as an educator for the Papuan people. The intellectual figure who had received his education included Hans Jacobus and Yosina Wospakrik. Thom’s services in the field of education can also be called “Ki Hadjar Dewantara” in Papua.

2. Hans Jacobus Wospakrik

Hans Jacobus Wospakrik and is the son of Thom Wospakrik. Hans was born on September 10, 1951 in Serui. He studied physics at the Bandung Institute of Technology in 1976. At his alma mater, Hans later became a lecturer in theoretical physics.

Hans was awarded the best physicist from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta for his service and high dedication in theoretical physics research.

The fruit of his mind is in the form of mathematical methods to understand physical phenomena in elementary particles and Einstein’s general relativity. The results of his research are also published in international journals, such as Modern Physics Letters A, International Journal of Modern Physics and Physical Review D. He has also won the Nobel Prize in Physics with his research team at Utrech, the Netherlands and Michigan University.

3. George Saa

George Saa, or better known as Oge, was born on September 22, 1986 in Manokwari. Since childhood, he has loved physics through participating in and winning various Olympic competitions. In his research, George had received guidance from an Indonesian physicist, Professor Yohanes Surya.

George’s name became known for his achievements when he won the First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics in 2004. His such discovery is entitled “Infinite Triangle and Hexagonal Lattice Networks of Identical Resistors” or a Formula for Calculating Resistance Between Two Points of Resistor Circuits, which was later named George Saa Formula.

George’s formula shows how to calculate the resistance of an infinite series of hexagons. The formula was then used as the basis for making honeycombs and also used for electronic circuits shaped like a honeycomb.

4. Yane Oktovina Ansanay

Yane Oktovina Ansanay is known as the first female physicist from Papua. She holds a Ph.D in physics from North Carolina State University in the US. Previously, she accomplished his master’s degree in physics at the same university. After completing his studies in the United States, Yane is determined to end the energy crisis in Papua through the use of new and renewable energy technology.

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