4 Benefits of Papuan Red Fruit for Health, One of them Prevents Hepatitis B

goodmorningpapua.com – Maybe you are unfamiliar with the name of Buah Merah or Red Fruit and feel that this fruit only has a red color. Not only is the color of the fruit red, but also this fruit has the original name of Red Fruit.

Just to know it, this Red Fruit comes from Papua and can only be found in this region. Therefore, if you want to find this Red Fruit, you can just visit Papua.

In fact, the Papuans themselves call this fruit by the name Kuan Hsu and is often referred to as the miracle fruit.

In one Red Fruit seed or which has a Latin name Pandanus Conoideus, it contains a lot of nutrition.

This Red Fruit contains antioxidants, fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-9). Both substances are also good in terms of counteracting free radicals that can cause cell damage. In addition, antioxidants and fatty acids play a role in boosting your immunity.

1. Preventing Diabetes

The benefit of red fruit is that it can prevent diabetes because it contains tocopherols and it also helps control blood sugar levels.

The way tocopherol works itself is to increase the work of the pancreas so that it increases the hormone insulin to convert sugar into energy.

This has also been proven in a study through experimental animals, one of which is in the Academic Journal of Chemistry revealing that Red Fruit extract has the potential to reduce blood sugar levels in rats.

2. Preventing Cancer

The presence of high antioxidant compounds in Red Fruit can protect the body’s cells from free radicals that trigger cancer.

Then, the tocopherol content in Red Fruit is also very high, reaching 11000 ppm, while other substances in this fruit, namely carotene, are 7000 ppm.

The way these antioxidants work is by improving blood flow and increasing immunity so that they can prevent the production of cancer cells.

3. Take caring of eye health

The high content of beta-carotene in this Red Fruit which is one type of vitamin A is excellent for eye health.

Meeting the needs of beta-carotene can maintain eye health and it is not surprising that many people in Papua have healthy eyes because they often eat this fruit.

4. Preventing HIV AIDS / Hepatitis B

With a good immune system, this red fruit can prevent someone from being exposed to HIV / AIDS and hepatitis B.

In addition to antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids in Red Fruit also act as antivirals that can inhibit the formation of viral lipid membranes.

In addition, in a study published in the Research Journal of Immunology, Red Fruit can stimulate the formation of immunity for HIV patients.

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