388 Solar Lamps Installed in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A Directorate General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources inaugurated the installation of 388 units of energy-efficient solar lamps (LTSHE) in the inland of Yahukimo and Lanny Jaya Regencies, Papua.

One of the areas in which the LTSHE will be installed in 2021 is Lanny Jaya and Yahukimo Regencies, with a total of 388 units.

“This LTSHE is a pre-electrification program before the PT PLN network enters. In the future, the centralized PLTS can also be built or through the use of other EBT sources,” said Director of Planning and Development of EBTKE Infrastructure at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Hendra Iswahyudi at the Inauguration of LTSHE Installation in Yahukimo and Lanny Regencies Jaya in Wamena, Papua, Saturday 26 February 2022.

The government continues to provide access to electricity for all Indonesian people, especially those in the outermost areas and difficult to reach by access to the PLN electricity network.

The Directorate General of EBTKE at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources coordinates efforts to optimize the use of local renewable energy sources for electricity supply, one of which is LTSHE in the outermost areas.

In his release, Hendra said the government was trying to make the use of the state budget directly felt by the people.

For the Terluar [outermost] and Terdepan [foremost] areas, as stated by him, the government’s focus is to provide access to energy by utilizing the potential of local energy sources.

Meanwhile, a Member of Commission VII of the House, Ina Elisabeth Kobak, said the LTSHE information assistance was very beneficial for the people of Lanny Jaya and Yahukimo.

Access to electricity, he continued, has given residents hope for a better welfare.

“I am happy because today 388 heads of families in two regencies, Lanny Jaya and Yahukimo can feel the light of the lamp. I am touched to see my parents, my brother, my sister in the village can feel the light of the lamp and can do activities at night,” said Ina.

A similar appreciation was conveyed by the Regent of Lanny Jaya, Befa Yigibalom, who was represented at the inauguration by the Head of the ESDM Section, Michael Alom.

The installation of LTSHE is part of the program to install 1,095 LTSHE units in 2021, which are spread over four provinces and eight regencies and carried out according to the aspirations of the members of Commission VII DPR.

The pre-electrification program through LTSHE has been implemented by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources since 2017 with a total installation of 363,220 units in 4,061 villages throughout Indonesia.

The LTSHE lamps distributed have several advantages, namely they are easy to install (plug and play), the lights use LEDs so they are brighter, can be used as flashlights, automatically adjust the LED lights, last long, and can be used as cell phone chargers.

One LTSHE set consists of one 20 Wp solar module, four <= 3 W LED bulbs along with a lithium battery, four LED light cables of seven meters each, one 5 meter long solar module cable, one hub, one USB for phone charger, and one one meter high aluminum support post.

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