3,000 Citizens in West Papua are New QRIS Users

goodmorningpapua.com – Bank Indonesia Representative for West Papua stated that as many as 3,000 citizens in the province of West Papua have used the Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS), and the target is 5,000 new users by 2022.

A Deputy head of the Bank Indonesia West Papua Representative Office, Eko Listiyono, in Manokwari, Saturday, said BI’s target for West Papua is 5,000 new QRIS users.

“Together with the Regional Government and Banking, we push QRIS users in West Papua to increase, continually” he said.

Listiyono said that by the middle of the year, QRIS users had reached more than 50 percent of the target. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are encouraged to become QRIS ambassadors for the wider community by preparing payments using a digital system.

“Currently, there are around 60 to 65 percent or around 3,000 people from our target of 5,000 new users in 2022, we hope that in the future it can continue to increase,” he explained.

One of the MSMEs or merchants using QRIS in Manokwari Since Moby, who is a part of the Amenya group providing the shredded tuna and breadfruit chips, mentioned the convenience obtained when using digital transactions.

“We no longer prepare money back and payments can be made directly from cellphones, especially young people,” said Since Moby.

He also said the use of digital payments could prevent the circulation of counterfeit money in the general public. Meanwhile, from Bank Indonesia data as of June 2022, there are 47,652 QRIS merchants in West Papua Province, the location is centered in Manokwari Regency with 50.19 percent, Sorong City 38.05 percent and other regencies 6.06 percent.

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