2,500 children in Papua have received the COVID-19 Vaccine

goodmorningpapua.com – Novi Mora, the parent of Victor Paulin Oktaviani Nanthi feels to be relieved, since her first child has been vaccinated. He was grateful that Victor (14 years old) was able to receive vaccinations that were carried out simultaneously for junior and senior high school students in Jayapura City.

He believes that vaccination can prevent the contagion of COVID-19 for Victor and his family and others.

“Hopefully, by vaccinating students, the face-to-face schooling can be started. Because, in my opinion, the online learning makes children less aware of their lessons,” explained Novi, who was met when taking Victor to receive the vaccine at SMP 1 Jayapura City.

Victor said he was pleased to have received the vaccine, although at first he was afraid to be injected. A Pediatrician Association in Papua Province, Renny Hariaty Bagus said the dose of COVID-19 vaccination for children was different from adults in general.

“For children, vaccination is given half of the adult dose. The vaccine used is Sinovac. Meanwhile, it cannot be used with other types of vaccines,” he explained.

Data from the Papuan Pediatrician Association, as many as 2,500 children throughout Papua have received vaccinations. With this program, he believes he can accelerate vaccination coverage for school-age children.

As for parents who are still afraid of their children being vaccinated, it is hoped that they will continue to follow the socialization related to safe vaccines for children which will continue to be disseminated by the Pediatrician Association in Papua.

Principal of SMP N 1 Jayapura, Purnama Sinaga, said that currently there are around 238 students who have received vaccinations. Today’s vaccination participants are not only from SMP 1 Jayapura, but there are also students from SMP Yapis, SMP Christ Raja, SMP 12, SMP Negeri 6.

“We are very happy that there is a mass vaccination for children of 12-17 years old. This action can prevent mass prevention of corona as well. We hope that this vaccination can support face-to-face schools,” he said.

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