25 Public Agencies in Papua Receive an Award for Information Openness

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papua Province Information Commission (KI) bestowed awards to 25 public bodies related to information openness at the State Building, Jayapura City, Thursday 18 November 2021.

Those awards are provided on the basis of three categories, including 11 informative public bodies, 7 public bodies towards information and 7 fairly informative public bodies.

A Papua Governor Lukas Enembe in his speech represented by the Papua Regional Secretary Muhammad Ridwan Ruikutun appreciated the public body that received an award from the Papua Information Commission.

According to Ridwan, monitoring and evaluation by the Papua Information Commission shows that the Regional Government has made changes in providing good services to the entire community.

Ridwan advised all OPD leaders in the Provincial Government and Regency/City Governments throughout the Papua Province to carry out public information openness and implement regulations.

“For OPD leaders who currently have not implemented the governor’s regulations that have been set in preparing service guidelines and public information openness, I order them to be able to work better, especially in serving the community,” he appealed.

A head of the Papua Province Information Commission, Wilhelmus Pigai, said that the compliance extent of public bodies in his area was still very low. This is indicated by the number of public bodies that are still in the black zone or also called uninformative.

“Public bodies in the black zone are public bodies that do not return questionnaires within the time limit specified during the monitoring and evaluation (monev) of information openness,” he explained.

KI Papua noted that out of 211 public bodies, only 42 public bodies returned questionnaires. This fact shows that the participation degree in the monitoring and evaluation of information openness which will be carried out since June 2021 is very low.

Meanwhile, the monitoring and evaluation of Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) within the Papua Provincial Government itself shows that many OPDs are not informative or are in the black zone.

“There are only 2 OPDs of the Papuan Provincial Government who have received the award of public information openness with informative public agency qualifications, 2 OPD qualifications are quite informative and 2 OPD are less informative, but the other 29 OPDs are still black zones or not informative,” he explained.

KI Papua hopes that the awarding of information openness can encourage public bodies to make improvements so that information services to the public can run well.

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