227 Bintara Students Returned to SPN Polda Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A total of 227 police Bintara students were returned to the Papua Police State Police School (SPN) after undergoing job training at the Jayapura City Police. The handover of students took place at the Mapolresta apple field, Thursday 9 December 2021.

A Head of the Human Resources (HR) Division of the Jayapura City Police, AKP Nurjannah said, 227 Papuan Police SPN students had undergone the work training for 9 days at the Jayapura City Police and the Sector Police.

The SPN students, continued Nurjannah, learned about five police functions mentored by mentors who had been appointed from Polresta personnel. Learning is received directly in the field.

“After learning the five technical functions of the police, they will go immediately to the field and will be returned to educational institutions. The students have been accepted by the supervisor of the SPN Polda Papua, Ipda Rizal,” said Nurjannah.

He hopes that what has been taught by Jayapura City Police personnel can be useful for Papuan Police SPN students in conducting police duties in the future.

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