2022 Asmat Pokman Festival Closes, This Is the Most Expensive Carving

goodmorningpapua.com – Isaias Asmakap’s panel of stories on the daily life of the Asmat community became the most expensive carving in the auction process at the 2022 Asmat Pokman Festival.

The masterpiece made of iron wood has received the highest bidder from PT Adikarya of IDR 35 million. It was recorded that 260 masterpieces were included in the auction list, namely carvings and weaving at the Asmat Pokman Festival.

The Asmat Regent, Elisa Kambu, estimates that the circulation of money for the purchase of wood carvings and plaiting at the 2022 Asmat Pokman Festival has reached more than IDR 3.2 billion.

IDR 2.2 billion of which, continued Elisa Kambu, was income from the auction. Meanwhile, the community’s income from selling souvenirs outside the auction is more than IDR 900 million.

Elisa Kambu said the carvings and plaiting sold at the Asmat Pokman Festival had been registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights as products of intellectual property rights.

“These artists have been partially registered as holders of intellectual property rights to the artworks. This right is valid for 75 years,” said Elisa Kambu when closing the Asmat Pokman Festival, Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

The 2022 Asmat Pokman Festival was attended by 590 artists both male and female, consisting of 200 carvers, 60 weavers, 180 dancers and 150 rowing boats. Various exhibitions of sculpture, weaving, music, dance, and other Asmat culture are presented in this grand festival.

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