2 Years Blocked by Pandemic, Yapen PHBI Ramadan Safari Reactivated

goodmorningpapua.com – The Committee for Islamic Holidays (PHBI) of the Kepulauan Yapen Regency has reactivated the Ramadan Safari program after 2 years of being ceased by the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the country.

The Ramadan Safari began at the Al-Hidayah Menawi Mosque, Sunday 10 April 2022. In addition to being attended by Assistant III of the Yapen Regional Secretariat, Ir. Wahyudi Irianto, this activity was also attended by representatives from the Yawa District Military Command 1709, Yapen Police and Yapen DPRD Members.

During the pandemic, said Chairman II of the Kepulauan Yapen PHBI, Mudin, PHBI only held social sharing activities that were broadcast through the media and delivered directly to places of worship, such as the Menawi Mosque and the Pandemic Mosque.

“We hope that the 2022 Ramadan Safari can be enthusiastically welcomed by Muslims to establish friendships between fellow Muslims and non-Muslims,” ​​said Mudin.

Meanwhile, Assistant III of the Kepulauan Yapen Secretariat, Ir. Wahyudi Irianto conveyed that it had the meaning of caring and solidarity to share.

This activity is also to encourage Muslims who are fasting and are not influenced and provoked by the existing radicalism issues.

He also invited all Muslims to live in harmony, peace and friendship with other people, as well as support the Vaccination Program which is being promoted by the Yapen Health Service, Polres and Kodim 1709 Yawa.

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