1,819 PLN Officers Secure Electricity Supply Ahead of Nataru in the Land of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – PLN Main Unit for Papua and West Papua Region (UIW PPB) has alerted 1,819 personnel to secure electricity supply all around the land of Papua ahead of Christmas and New Year (Nataru) 2023.

These thousands of personnel consist of 1,129 PLN employees, 665 technical service officers, 25 Command Center officers, and 2 groups of Working Forces in a State of Stress (PDKB). They were alerted to anticipate any electrical disturbances during Nataru.

Transmission and Distribution Senior Manager, Adi Fitriatmojo representing PLN UIW Papua and West Papua General Manager, Budiono, explained that PLN’s electricity supply standby will be carried out for approximately two weeks starting from December 22, 2022.

Security will be prioritized for most places of worship, such as churches and places of public services, so as not to interfere with celebration activities. For about 122 points in the land of Papua will be a priority for securing electricity.

“About 122 points in the six provinces will be our priority for securing electricity, the majority of which are churches. We have also provided 50 Standby Command Posts and a number of officers spread across each Customer Service Unit to ensure maximum service, reliable electricity supply and can respond quickly in the event of a disturbance,” said Adi.

PLN is also preparing several alternative sources of electricity supply in the form of 51 units of mobile substations (UGB), 23 uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and 66 mobile generators. This is done so that the customer’s electricity supply remains safe at a predetermined location.

“We have also made various preparations in order to maintain the reliability of electricity supply. Apel Deploys Troops and Equipment, inspections of feeders and substations as well as sweeping the network and trimming tree branches that have approached the power grid have been carried out,” he explained.

Adi noted that the highest electricity load in Papua and West Papua has now reached 298.63 MW with a generating capacity of 504.7 MW. This condition is considered safe, because it still leaves a power reserve of 206.07 MW to meet the power needs at Christmas and New Year.

Adi asked customers to immediately report and make complaints through the PLN Mobile application or contact the PLN Contact Center 123 if there is an unavoidable power outage.

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