1,617 Residents Participate in Vaccination at Merauke Police

goodmorningpapua.com – The Merauke Police in collaboration with the Merauke Health Office vaccinated the community for two days. A total of 1,617 people participated in the Covid-19 vaccination which was held last weekend.

An Officer for Health (Paur) Medical Doctor (Dokes) Merauke Police, dr. Rahmadani, when met by a number of journalists in Merauke-Papua, Monday (5/7/2021), confirmed this.

“That’s right, for two days we collaborated with the Merauke Health Office to do vaccination for the community at the police headquarters,” he said.

From the vaccination for two days, continued Rahmadani, as many as 1,617 residents participated in the vaccination. For the first day, as many as 900 people were vaccinated. While on the second day 717 people were vaccinated.

“This is the first stage of the vaccine and will be the second stage of the vaccine. We have told the public to come again after 28 days to carry out the second stage of the vaccine,” he said.

He admitted that the enthusiasm and awareness of the community to vaccinate was very high. It was evident from their awareness of coming to the Merauke Police Station.

“We thank the medical personnel from the Merauke Health Office who collaborated with the police to carry out the first stage of vaccination,” he said.

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